Find out more about the greatest Russian Emperors & Kings, including Peter the Great, Alexander III of Russia, Nicholas I of Russia, Peter III of Russia and Catherine I of Russia.
Ivan the TerribleIvan the Terrible
25 August 1530
First Russian Tsar
Peter the GreatPeter the Great
09 June 1672
First Emperor of Russia

Nicholas I of RussiaNicholas I of Russia
06 July 1796
Emperor of Russia

Peter III of RussiaPeter III of Russia
21 February 1728
Emperor of Russia

Alexander III of RussiaAlexander III of Russia
10 March 1845
Former Emperor of All Russia

Paul I of RussiaPaul I of Russia
01 October 1754
Russian Emperor (1796-1801)
Alexander II of RussiaAlexander II of Russia
29 April 1818
Emperor of Russia

Ivan VI of RussiaIvan VI of Russia
23 August 1740
Emperor of Russia

Nicholas IINicholas II
18 May 1868

Alexander I of RussiaAlexander I of Russia
23 December 1777
Emperor of Russia
Peter II of RussiaPeter II of Russia
23 October 1715
Emperor of Russia

Alexis of RussiaAlexis of Russia
29 March 1629
Tsar of Russia
Frederick I of PrussiaFrederick I of Prussia
11 July 1657

Feodor III of RussiaFeodor III of Russia
09 June 1661

Ivan V of RussiaIvan V of Russia
27 August 1666
Peter I of RussiaPeter I of Russia
09 June 1672
Former Emperor of All Russia

Prince Paul of YugoslaviaPrince Paul of Yugoslavia
27 April 1893
Michael I of RussiaMichael I of Russia
12 July 1596

False Dmitriy IFalse Dmitriy I
19 October 1582

Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich of RussiaGrand Duke Constantine Pavlovich of Russia
27 April 1779
Vasily II of MoscowVasily II of Moscow
10 March 1415
Prince of Moscow

Daniel of MoscowDaniel of Moscow
1261 AD
Grand Prince of Moscow
Ivan IVIvan IV
03 September 1530
Grand Prince of Moscow

Alexis I of RussiaAlexis I of Russia
29 March 1629
Tsar of Russia

Albert I, Duke of PrussiaAlbert I, Duke of Prussia
17 May 1490

Ivan I of RussiaIvan I of Russia
1288 AD
Grand Prince
Simeon of RussiaSimeon of Russia
07 November 1316
Grand Prince of Moscow
Vasili I of RussiaVasili I of Russia
30 December 1371
Grand Prince of Moscow

Vasili II of RussiaVasili II of Russia
10 March 1415
Grand Prince of Moscow

Ivan II of RussiaIvan II of Russia
26 March 1326
Grand Prince