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(American YouTube Star)

Birthday: December 12, 1995 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Georgia, United States

XboxAddictionz is an American gamer, ‘YouTube’ star, comedian, and social-media personality. He has garnered fame for uploading videos on games such as ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Fortnite,’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ His content mainly revolves around him trolling disrespectful or aggressive young gamers on ‘Xbox.’ A Georgia native, XboxAddictionz set up his channel in August 2011 and started posting videos on it in September 2012. Since then, he has accumulated over three million subscribers on the channel and hundreds of millions of total views. He has a secondary channel named ‘XboxPlayz,’ which he created in January 2014 and uses for posting reveals, extras, and “behind the scenes” footage from all his trolling videos. Currently, the channel has 397 thousand subscribers and millions of total views. His popularity on the platform has made its way to other social-media sites, too. XboxAddictionz has tens of thousands of followers on both ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter.’ He sells his merchandise through the ‘Electronic Gamers League.’ He is also associated with ‘Ironside Computers,’ a company that builds customized gaming personal computers.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Steven

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


siblings: Jaden

U.S. State: Georgia

The Meteoric Rise to Fame
XboxAddictionz created his ‘YouTube’ channel on August 18, 2011. He posted the channel’s first video, ‘FUNNY-How to troll a baby in Minecraft,’ on September 25, 2012. His next video was shared 2 days later. The video showed XboxAddictionz talking about the changes he was bringing to the channel’s content. He had apparently posted several videos on the channel that revolved around his brother’s angry and frustrated reactions to his ridiculous behavior in various video games. Those videos have since been taken down. He acknowledged that those videos were the reason he had a moderate number of subscribers at the time, but he also claimed that he had grown tired of making them. He promised his viewers that if they continued to watch his content despite the changes, they would not be disappointed. While he had plans to diversify his content, he claimed he was still going to make videos on his brother’s outbursts from time to time.
His channel has grown exponentially since then. These days, all his videos receive hundreds of thousands of views. Some of his most popular videos are ‘9 YEAR OLD TROLLED BY HEROBRINE!,’ ‘INSANE 9 YEAR OLD KILLS HEROBRINE!! (MINECRAFT HEROBRINE TROLLING),’ and ‘1V1 HEADSHOT ONLY MAKES LITTLE KID CRY ON BO3 (BLACK OPS 3 TROLLING).’
On January 23, 2014, he set up his second channel, ‘XboxPlayz.’ He started uploading content on the channel on March 30, 2015. While the second channel is not as popular as his main channel, he still manages to get hundreds of thousands of views on a regular basis. However, he has not posted any content on it for the past few months.
XboxAddictionz is also active on ‘Twitch’ and ‘Facebook’ and has about 20 thousand followers on both platforms.
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Family & Personal Life
XboxAddictionz’s real name is Steven. He was born on December 12, 1995, in Georgia, US. He has a brother named Jaden, who has made a few appearances on his channel. A decade younger than Steven, Jaden has played an involuntary but instrumental role in his brother’s rise to social-media stardom, as he has been XboxAddictionz’s first and most well-known troll victim.

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