WooWoo Bio

(YouTube star who is best known for appearing on the ‘FunnyMike’)

Birthday: November 13, 2010 (Scorpio)

Born In: United States

WooWoo is a YouTube star who is best known for appearing on the FunnyMike YouTube channel run by FunnyMike, also known as Young 22 and 22 Savage. The channel has more than 6.88 million subscribers. He is a member of Tha Bad Kids rap group and featured on the official music video of the song Do The WooWoo, which is one of most popular videos on the FunnyMike channel. Apart from him, other members of the group include BadKid.Jay, Macei, Badkidmirah, BadKid Bam, BadKid Mark, DEDE 3X, BadKid Dejah, Badkidlondyn, Bad Kid Tray, Bad Kid Kam, Bad Kid Jakari, Bad Kid Mykel, and Adonis Martinez. He has appeared in several pranks, shopping videos and vlogs on the channel. WooWoo is also active on Instagram and his Instagram profile has more than 115K followers.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Malik

Age: 13 Years, 13 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Rise to Stardom

WooWoo began appearing on videos on the FunnyMike YouTube channel in late 2017. The channel owner, FunnyMike, who started uploading mostly prank videos on the channel months earlier, often featured a bunch of kids and captured their shenanigans in his videos. He soon started to call them “The Bad Kids” and uploaded songs made by them on his channel. On December 27, 2017, he made a vlog to share with his fans that “DEDE3X AND WOO MADE A SONG TODAY!!!” and also posted a separate video of the song, titled “Dede3x Ft Woo- Do The WooWoo”. On January 5th next year, he uploaded the official music video for the song on his channel, featuring most of the crew including WooWoo. WooWoo continued to appear in several videos on the channel focusing mostly on pranks and shopping spree videos. In a video from January 21, 2019, FunnyMike surprised him by gifting him a pet snake. He took him on a shopping spree in April that year and also got his ears pierced. In August 2019, WooWoo and FunnyMike made a song together in their studio. WooWoo became less active in the group in late 2019, but has since then reappeared in several videos on the channel. Apart from the FunnyMike channel, he is also active on Instagram and TikTok.

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Controversies & Scandals

Shortly after celebrating his 9th birthday with the other Bad Kids in November 2019, WooWoo stopped appearing in the videos on the FunnyMike channel, raising queries from concerned fans. FunnyMike addressed the issue in his video, WHY WOO HAD TO MOVE OUT & GO BACK HOME!, uploaded on November 28. At the end of the video, in which the group went shopping for a Christmas tree, he mentioned that as WooWoo’s legal guardian, he was forced to send him back home to his grandmother after getting repeated calls from the teachers at WooWoo’s school. He explained that he has made it clear to all the kids that they needed to focus on school first, only which will earn them the privilege of being in the house.

While he did try to make sure WooWoo followed the same rule, it somehow did not work as evident from the repeated complaints from his teachers. FunnyMike assured the viewers that WooWoo was still part of Tha Bad Kids, he just needed to improve his school record to be back in the house with the rest of the group. Exactly a month later on December 28, 2019, FunnyMike posted a video from Houston, Texas titled WOO CAME BACK & I BOUGHT A NEW DOG!, in which he mentioned that WooWoo was still enrolled in Louisiana, but was back with the group for the holiday breaks. After leaving the group in early January, he made another brief appearance on the channel in May 2020 after meeting the rest of the group in a shopping mall. He finally began making regular appearances on the channel in early 2021.

Family & Personal Life

WooWoo, real name Malik, was born on November 13, 2010 in the United States. While not much is known about his actual family, in a video titled HOW DO I KNOW THE KIDS??, uploaded on January 22, 2019, FunnyMike revealed the back-story of how he met WooWoo for the first time. While most of the other kids in the group are his relatives, like cousins, nieces and nephews, WooWoo is not a relative, but lived next door to his mother’s house. FunnyMike saw him one day having a snowball fight, following which they connected and he offered to take the six-year-old under his wing. In another video on his channel, FunnyMike had mentioned that WooWoo’s grandmother was in charge of his education while he was his legal guardian at the time he lived with the Bad Kids group. Based on an Instagram picture shared by him in February 2021, he has a sister. He is friends with BadKid Bam.

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