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Zack Mowley, best known as The Traveling Gamer (TTG), is a well-known YouTube and Twitch personality. Let’s take a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 19, 1989

Nationality: American

Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Zack Mowley

Born in: Ohio, USA

Famous as: YouTuber & Twitch Personality

U.S. State: Ohio

Popularity Index
Gamers #20 Social Media Stars #456 Instagram Stars #220
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Zack Mowley, best known as The Traveling Gamer (TTG), is a famous streamer who live streams his skills in playing various video games. His Twitch account, through which he streams his videos, managed to accumulate more than 400,000 followers in no time. Later, TTG went on to create a channel in YouTube, which garnered around 100,000 subscribers within the first few months of its launch. He posts some amazing videos on the channel and has also collaborated with other YouTube stars like JesserTheLazer, TDPresents and Kristopher London. TTG is popular for his cringe-worthy and super hilarious reaction and challenge videos. Some of his challenge videos like ‘Try Not to Laugh’ or ‘Grin Challenge’ have managed to amass more than 220,000 views. TTG is a basketball enthusiast and has also made videos on tricks pertaining to basketball. He has also represented the American football team, Dallas Cowboys, as a quarterback.

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Gaming & YouTube
  • TTG started his career with Twitch, a live streaming video platform. The number of his followers was well over the 40,000 mark within the first few days since the launch of his channel. His videos were mostly related to games with his live stream videos being the most popular ones.
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  • TTG quickly gained popularity as everything he touched turned to gold, including his reaction videos. One of the main reasons for his fame is that almost all his videos are hilarious in nature. TTG is naturally funny and is good at making his viewers laugh. The name, ‘The Traveling Gamer’, was given to him because he travels a lot for his job.
  • He joined YouTube shortly after he got famous on Twitch. He started posting prank, challenge and reaction videos on his YouTube channel. His first ever video on the channel explained what his viewers can expect from his videos. In his second video, ‘Light Skin against the World’, he spoke about a sensitive issue. However, his sheer presence made the video enjoyable and funny.
  • His videos often feature his roommates, Kris and Jesse, who too, are YouTube personalities. TTG’s first reaction video on YouTube was controversial and funny as he had reacted on Donald Trump’s inaugural speech. As soon as the video was posted, his fans and other viewers were all over the comment section, letting him know how ridiculously funny the video was.
  • In one of his videos, he introduced his pet, a pup, which had urinated and defecated all over the house they live in. So, TTG made a video on how to potty train pets. His next set of videos was on basketball. But instead of making the usual basketball video, where players would show off their expertise in handling the ball, TTG came up with an interesting twist as he and his roommates played the game with life jackets on.
  • The next video on basketball was a step ahead in terms of its entertainment quotient. TTG made a new rule that mandated the players to experience an electric shock every time the opposition scores a point. LaMelo Ball, a famous American basketball player, was featured in the video.
  • TTG’s next set of videos was based on challenges. One of the challenges had him reacting to funny videos without laughing. He also challenged his fans to watch the videos without smiling or laughing, which proved to be difficult for his fans and general viewers. In his next challenge video, he played the entry music of WWE fighters and his roommates had to identify the fighter.
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Personal Life
  • Zack Mowley was born on January 19, 1989 in Ohio, USA. Later, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he did his schooling. Zack is an alumnus of Chino Hills High School. Famous basketball player and his good friend, LaMelo Ball, had also graduated from the same school.
  • TTG is a football and basketball enthusiast. He has played both the games for his school club and other eminent clubs in California. TTG loves munching on chips and nachos, dipped in chipotle. He shares his apartment with Jesse and Kris. While Jesse’s YouTube channel is titled ‘JesserTheLazer’, Kris’ channel is called ‘Kristopher London’. All three of them have featured in each other’s videos. The best part of the trio is that they simply share with their fans, the fun that they have together in their apartment.

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