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Quick Facts

Birthday: September 18, 2003

Nationality: American

Sun Sign: Virgo

Age: 15 Years, 15 Year Old Females

Born in: Maple Grove, Minnesota, US

Famous as: TikTok ( Star

Height: 1.76 m


father: Matt O’Keefe

mother: Shannon Ottmar (mother), Carrie O’Keefe

siblings: Aaden (brothet), Beau (late brother), Sophia (sister)

City, States, Provinces & Districts: Minnesota

More Facts

education: Maple Grove Junior High School

Populartiy Index
TikTok Stars #9 Social Media Stars #436 Teens and Kids #8
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Considering the rapid growth that the app has been seeing since its official launch in August 2014, it’s no wonder that musers like Signa O’Keefe are in the hearts and minds of teens and tweens all across the globe. For the uninitiated, is a smartphone app where users can create and share videos of duration from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Now, the content can be anything—singing, dancing, or lip-syncing to sound tracks which are incorporated with the videos—only the imagination and the creativity of the user are the limits! So, while the app does provide the platform, it is the originality and the ingenuity of the user that keep the viewers hooked. And Signa does have these qualities in abundance. This American teen with her message of positivity and expressive approach to everything around her is undoubtedly one of the topmost musers as of April 2017. She primarily shares videos where she lip-syncs to popular songs, but once in a blue moon she does covers. And boy, can she sing!

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Signa O'Keefe
The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Signa is a crowned verified user on the app. Her username is simply ‘_Sig’. Up until a couple of years ago, she was a normal girl with doting parents and homework. It all changed when she posted her first video on, with a caption that read, “ha my smiles ugly but #SmileChallenge." It was featured by the app, and she shot to fame almost instantly. As of April 2017, she has accumulated 1.45 million fans, 231.4 million hearts, and 37.1 million emoji loves, and receives thousands of comments on each of her videos. She is followed by 121K and more than 1K people on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Her YouTube account, in comparison, is relatively inactive. However, there are tons of videos of her performances uploaded by her fans on YouTube and other video sharing sites.
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What Makes Signa O Keefe So Special
  • When Signa was quite young, her older brother Beau passed away. She paid tribute to him with a video set to Skyler Grey’s ‘Coming Home’. Despite having had to endure such a tragedy at an early age, the way she has dealt with the grief that came with it over the years is an inspiration to all her fans. They also love how socially conscious she is, as she often posts videos in support of causes close to her heart. She believes her purpose in life is to entertain people and spread positive vibes. Her zest for life and positivity is contagious! She is on a mission to spread the happiness of her own heart across the world.
Behind the Curtains
  • Signa O’Keefe was born in Maple Grove, a city in Minnesota, USA on September 18, 2003, to Matt O’Keefe and Shannon Ottmar. Her parents divorced when Signa was three years old. Later on her father married Carrie O''Keefe. She has a younger sister named Sophia and a younger brother named Aaden. She had another brother who died young. Signa is especially close to her mother; her mom is her inspiration and best friend. What you will never guess is that this quiet and seemingly introverted girl is as at ease on a volleyball court as she is in front of a camera. She is a middle blocker for the ‘Minnesota Select Volleyball Club’ from Maple Grove. She wears # 24 jersey and has won various accolades for her sporting acumen. It is quite evident that beyond the circumference of fame, she is still the regular girl that she always was, with all the normal day-to-day issues that teenagers generally face.

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Last Updated : July 07, 2017

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