Shelovesraud Bio

(YouTube Comedy Content and Vlogs Creator)

Birthday: May 24, 2003 (Gemini)

Born In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Sttaes

Shelovesraud is an internet personality and a YouTube creator. He runs a popular channel where he humors his ever-increasing pool of subscribers with comedy videos, vlogs, challenges, and storytime content. He is also a famous face on Twitch where he is widely known for his just chatting streams. The young star has also made a name for himself on Instagram, having accrued thousands of followers on his account.


Shelovesraud launched his eponymous YouTube channel in June 2018. His first video was titled “Telling girls I want them for christmas! (she want meee!).” In his initial videos, he did street interviews where he asked random strangers funny stuff. However, fame arrived at his doorway when he started posting storytime videos, which quickly became extremely popular. The stories had a fictional plot with a hilarious twist which the audience fell in love with. To keep things juicy and exciting, he also introduced vlogs, challenges, and prank videos on his channel.

While many take him to be a comedian, Shelovesraud is also a rising music star. In fact, some of the most popular videos on his channel such as “RAUD X BRIL- "NO MUNCHIES" (Official Video),” “2HUMPY x 2RARE - 2HUMPY Anthem (Official Music Video),” and “Raud - No Munchies Pt 2 FT. 2Rare & Bril (Official Video)” are official music videos for his songs.

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Personal Life

Shelovesraud has a brother who has featured on his channel. He has also featured his mother in some of his videos.

His real name remains a mystery.
He is a big fan of the anime and manga series ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ The anime even played in the intro of many of his videos.
On Instagram, he has named himself Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note.
Besides singing and comedy, Shelovesraud is also pretty good at dancing.

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