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Birthday: June 4, 1997 (Gemini)

Born In: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Keaton Keller is an American tech reviewer, YouTube star, entrepreneur, and social media personality. He has garnered fame for posting tips and reviews on technology on his ‘YouTube channel TechSmartt’. A native of Illinois, Keller set up his channel in December 2010 and started posting content on it on the same day. In the ensuing years, the channel has grown exponentially and has become a juggernaut among tech-related content pages on YouTube. It currently boasts of over three million subscribers and hundreds of millions of total views. TechSmartt’s popularity on the platform has found its way to other social media sites as well. It has over a hundred thousand followers on both Instagram and Twitter, as well as more than 20 thousand followers on Facebook. Keller has two other YouTube channels. On ‘Keaton,’ he uploads vlogs, while on ‘TechSmartt2,’ he posts similar content as his main channel. In October 2017, he set up KKMG, a global media group.
Quick Facts

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males


father: Matthew Keller

mother: Kay Keller

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Illinois

More Facts

education: Prospect High School

Rise to Fame
Keller originally started making videos in 2007. During this period, he made content exclusively on the RuneScape computer game. He discovered a thriving community around the game and gradually immersed into YouTube. However, he soon realized that his real interest lay elsewhere. He had always loved watching videos on technology, so he decided to do tech reviews instead.
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He was an early teen when he created his YouTube channel on December 28, 2010. Later that day, he uploaded the first video, titled ‘App Review: Camera+’. It was made in HD, something that was quite uncommon in those days. The next video, titled ‘Apple Composite A/V Cable Review’, was posted the following day. This gave an indication to the channel’s early viewers of what type of videos that Keller was looking to publish. In time, the quality of his videos drastically improved, and he learned how to be more organised.
In an interview to the ‘Daily Herald’ in 2014, Keller revealed that he typically makes videos on things he is a fan of because he finds it easier to relate to, adding that “One thing about YouTube is people want to hear you excited." Keller also spoke about his process of making a video. He apparently spends two to three days to assess a phone and about five days to create the review, including releasing the video. These days, his videos are generally four to 13 minutes long, but some of them are even longer than that. Besides phones, he reviews, among other things, apps, cell-phone accessories, tablets, gaming consoles, and computer hardware parts.
His longevity on a highly-competitive platform like YouTube can be attributed to his in-depth knowledge about technology, as well as his charming and open personality. He knows how to engage his audience and how to hold their attention, despite the fact that he is sometimes just reciting the specifications of an app or device. Some of his most popular videos on ‘TechSmartt’ are ‘Secret iPhone Button Trick!’, ‘Selling My iPhone X to a Machine at Walmart’, and ‘$125 Fake iPhone X - How Bad Is It?’
Keller set up his vlogging channel, ‘Keaton,’ on June 13, 2014. Despite this, he only began posting content on it on December 31, 2018. He has another channel, under the username ‘TechSmartt2,’ for “extra uploads”. It was created on December 1, 2011. On his personal Instagram, he has tens of thousands of followers and has accumulated about a hundred thousand followers on his personal Twitter handle.
In October 2017, Keller launched KKMG, a global creator-first ad/creative agency. In recent months, he has also set up CCMG, a crypto group, and PBJ, a record label.
In September 2015, Keller became one of the first customers to buy an iPhone 6S. He had to travel to Sydney, Australia to do so, as the phone was made available for purchase in Sydney 15 hours before Chicago, Illinois, where he was living at the time.
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Family & Personal Life
Keller was born on June 4, 1997, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA, to Matthew Keller and Kay Keller. He was a student at Prospect High School, from where he graduated in 2015. At some point, he relocated to southern California where he lived for a considerable period before recently moving back to Chicago. He has a younger sister.

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