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Birthday: May 26, 1999 (Gemini)

Born In: Las Vegas, Nevada

Scrubby is an American YouTube star who comments, reacts and posts his comic take on viral videos, Internet celebrities, music video and other latest happenings on the Internet. His videos are generally about cringe-worthy topics or his reactions to spoilt celebrities or rich kids who have become Internet sensations, like child star ‘Lil Tay’. His posts either feature him talking directly to his viewers or clips of his favourite video games while he delivers a running commentary about the topic of the post. Most of his posts are interspersed with pictures and text about the viral clips or topic under discussion. Born and raised in the US, like any other regular millennial, this young YouTube star is a video game fan. He has a huge fan following not only on YouTube but also on all his other social media channels. He rose to fame soon after he started his own YouTube channel which appeals to primarily a very young teenage demographic. Reportedly, he has multiple YouTube channels, but generally posts videos on his primary channel under the name ‘Scrubby’. He even has his own online merchandise store.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Ryan Agnew

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males


siblings: Owen

Born Country: United States

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

U.S. State: Nevada

Scrubby is famous for his humorous and sarcastic comments on the antics of Internet celebrities and stars, rich kids, music videos, attention-grabbing sensational Internet videos, viral clips, and anything else that takes the Internet by storm. He joined YouTube on July 11, 2017 and started off his channel by posting vlogs (video blogs) about the most cringe-worthy events, people, situations, news, etc. that were doing the rounds of the Internet at that time. His popularity steadily grew, as did the stylization of his posts. He would often post videos of gameplay or memes (humorous or sarcastic images, videos or text that spread rapidly over the Internet) that would be overlaid with his running commentary. His love of video games and viral clips is evident in his YouTube posts, for they often contain several minutes of his own ‘Fortnite’ (a free multiplayer online battle game) or ‘CS:GO’ (Counter Strike: Global Offensive – multiplayer first-person shooter video game) clips.
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The subjects or targets of his YouTube posts are generally snobby Internet celebrities, whose obnoxious behaviour he ruthlessly tears apart with his scathing comments. He also makes fun of music videos, plays pranks, undertakes challenges, and sometimes even tells stories from his real life under posts titled ‘Storytime’. His video posts mostly appeal to teenagers and young demographics. His ‘cringe’ videos made him famous, but now he focuses mostly on reacting to viral clips, gaming, social media celebrities, and such other pop culture topics.
His most popular video on YouTube is ‘Fortnite Addicted Child DESTROYED On Dr. Phil’ with about 7.7 million views so far. Another popular video is ‘Lil Tay Bullies Her Parents’ with about 3.1 million views. Although he has a wide social media presence, he is primarily a YouTuber and actively posts on his YouTube channel at least twice or thrice a week. He has more than 200 videos on his official YouTube channel ‘Scrubby’ that has over 1 million subscribers. He is also said to have more than one YouTube channels. Although he has a significant presence on other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc.) as well, he continues to be popular as a YouTube influencer. He has about 64 thousand followers on Instagram and a little over 17 thousand followers on Twitter.
He is all of 19 years and already makes a good living from his YouTube channel. He reportedly makes a million U.S. dollars a year from his YouTube presence. He even has his own online merchandise store where he sells printed t-shirts, tank tops, baseball t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, stickers, and mugs. His popularity with youngsters continues to grow through his viral YouTube channel.
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Family & Personal Life
Scrubby’s real name is Ryan Agnew. Most of his fans know this and call him by his real name. He was born on May 26, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He was raised in Las Vegas and reportedly continues to live there even now. Not much is known about his parents, but he has a younger brother named Owen. Just like his immediate family, his relationship status is also not very clear. When a fan once questioned him about how he knew the YouTube star ‘RD Benji’, he responded that he was his boyfriend. Some reports also suggest that he is the half-brother of ‘RD Benji.’ Like most other teenagers, he likes to play video games and have fun. He currently lives in the US and continues to earn his living from his social media posts.

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