Sarah Grace Morris Bio

(YouTube and Instagram Star)

Birthday: January 30, 2006 (Aquarius)

Born In: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Sarah Grace Morris is best known as the younger sister of the YouTube rap sensation, Matthew Morris “MattyB.” She is the youngest of five siblings. Born in 2006, Sarah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Her name came to the limelight when her parents sued the Gwinnett County school system over their decision of transferring Sarah to a special school. Her family was against such segregation of their specially-abled child and the discrimination she faced. Her parent’s insistence to let Sarah be educated in normal classrooms and the school’s refusal to do so dragged the case to court. After a lengthy battle, in 2016, the court ruled against Sarah, emphasizing the need for special accommodations in order for Sarah to be able to be educated normally. Her parents decided to drop the case and opted for private schooling. Owing to the story of her struggle, Sarah has become a role model for many people.

Quick Facts

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females


father: Blake Morris Sr.

mother: Tawny Morris

siblings: Blake Morris Jr., Charles Marshall Manning AKA MarsRaps (Cousin), John Michael Morris, Joshua “Jeebs” Morris, Matthew David Morris aka MattyB

Born Country: United States

City: Atlanta, Georgia

U.S. State: Georgia

Meteoric Rise to Fame

After featuring in YouTube videos of her brother, MattyBRaps, Sarah rapidly rose to fame. Her brothers, Joshua “JeebsTV” and Matthew “MattyBRaps,” often feature her in their videos to raise awareness about Down Syndrome amongst viewers.

Her appearance in a video alongside her brother, MattyBRaps, has garnered around 70 million views.

Sarah and her family’s battle with the court brought into light the dilemma that almost all specially-abled children have to face in their day-to-day lives. Over the course of their legal battle, her brother, MattyBRaps, kept the media updated with continuous tweets and support for his younger sister.

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The brother-sister duo is known to be very close to each other and have been named “YouTube’s Dynamic Brother-Sister Duo” by Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s magazine. They have also been featured on the cover of the Down Syndrome World’s magazine in the fall of 2016. Sarah Grace Morris has her own popular YouTube channel under the name, SarahGraceClub, with more than 609,000 subscribers and her Twitter account has around 23,000 followers. She is also on Instagram where she has no less than 569k followers. Her Facebook page has around 110k followers. Her social media accounts are managed by her mother, Tawny Morris.

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What Makes Sarah Grace Morris So Special

Sarah Grace Morris is the youngest member of her family and is loved by all. She loves acting and dancing to hip-hop. She also likes playing baseball and soccer.

She is good at studies and credits her development to the unconditional love and support offered by her family. Her enthusiasm as well as her love for life is what makes Sarah so special!

Behind the Curtains

Sarah Grace Marshall was born on January 30, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia to Blake Morris Sr. and Tawny Morris. She was born with Down syndrome but her family has always supported her in all her endeavors and did not limit her because of her diagnosis.

The medicines for controlling the seizures caused due to Sarah’s condition are very expensive. In order to support their sister, her brothers “MattyBRaps” and “JeebsTV” help take care of her financial aid. The siblings are very close to each other and accept Sarah as a normal person. MattyBRaps’ cover of a song named ‘True Colors’ has been dedicated to Sarah and provides an insight into Sarah’s life.

Sarah’s fun-loving and happy personality can be seen in her videos. Her family considers her a unique gift from God. Her brothers have also encouraged her to rap and she has appeared in a rap video titled “Sugar Sugar” with MattyB. She has a dog named Buster.

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