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(Pop Singer, YouTuber)

Birthday: January 26, 2003 (Aquarius)

Born In: England, UK

Sapphire is a British pop singer and internet personality who received worldwide attention at an early age for posting cover versions of popular songs on her YouTube channel of the same name. She reached the No.1 spot on the worldwide covers chart in February 2013. In February 2014, she competed against mainstream artists like the British band 'The Vamps' at the worldwide contest and won the 'Best Cover' award for covering 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding. In August 2014, she independently released her 'Strength EP', which contained her first original song dedicated to anti-bullying around the world. She became a Sennheiser endorsed recording artist in January 2015. Also in January 2015, she got her 'Sapphire' word-mark registered as a trademark in the UK. In April 2015, she received a 'YouTube Silver Play Button' for surpassing 100,000 subscribers on the platform. She was scheduled to release an EP on February 14, 2016, working with a producer from California via Skype. It was supposed to be preceded by her debut single 'Bow and Arrow'. However, that project didn't materialize and she eventually released her debut single 'Turn The Music Loud' and the accompanying music video on her YouTube channel on May 12, 2017.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In January

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females


siblings: Skye

Height: 5'2" (157 cm), 5'2" Females

City: Hertfordshire, England

More Facts

education: Homeschooled

Rise to Stardom
Sapphire started singing at the tender age of three and gained popularity for performing solo and in groups in stage productions in London and throughout the UK. She sang at the performing arts academy in London for three years before deciding to launch her YouTube channel as a hobby. At seven, she started making cover versions of popular songs and joined YouTube on March 23, 2010 to share videos of her performances. Her first video was a cover of ‘This is Me’ by Demi Lovato, which was posted on the same day she created her account. She continued to post a number of cover songs on her YouTube channel, including songs by Adele, Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Taylor Swift and many more. Soon, she started to gain international attention as her videos started to go viral on the platform. She now boasts of over 442k subscribers and 76 million views on YouTube, as well as a dedicated fan following on various other social media platforms. She also has international fan clubs in all over the world including USA, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Russia, and Australia.
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YouTube Content
While Sapphire initially posted only videos of her covering popular singers, in May 2013, at the age of 10, she uploaded the video of her live performance of 'Rolling In The Deep' by Adele at a local music festival that she was invited to. In August that year, she also shared with her fans her winning performance at the Music For Kids International Festival in Romania, where she sang 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston.
In February 2014, she made an appearance on 'Skye TV1 News Finland', presented by her sister and child YouTube presenter Skye, who interviewed her on her upcoming performance for 'Together In Harmony' in Finland. Skye later appeared on a number of her cover videos and also makes regular appearances on her YouTube channel. In 2015, during her visit to Berlin, she began posting a vlog series titled 'Videodays', chronicling her visit and her performance there.
Ahead of her 13th birthday, she began posting different types of videos like challenges, make up tutorials, Q&As, book reviews and other videos starting with the '24 Days Of Sapphire' series during Christmas 2015. She again repeated the same format of 24 videos for 24 consecutive days the next Christmas as well. She also has a daily vlogging channel titled 'More Sapphire'.
Personal Life
Sapphire was born on January 26, 2003 in England, UK. She has a younger sister named Skye who is also a famous YouTuber. She and her sister are homeschooled by their mother, who often gives them interesting tasks to extend their knowledge, some of which made their ways into her YouTube channel also. She is an ardent fan of Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. Ariana Grande is her favorite singer and she aspires to have a successful career in music like her one day. She is also a huge fan of Adele and Taylor Swift.
She is currently in a relationship with Benjamin Orman, whom she introduced in the video 'HOW I MET MY BOYFRIEND!', posted on July 17, 2017. They explained that they met on April 8, 2017 while filming the music video of her debut single 'Turn The Music Loud'. He was invited there by a common friend and also appeared among the crowd in the video. The camera she filmed on landed into his hands via a friend, and as she went to retrieve it, they got acquainted and soon started dating.

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