Ryatt Talbott Bio

(American YouTuber)

Birthday: August 10, 2016 (Leo)

Born In: Monterey, California, United States

Age: 7 Years

Ryatt Talbott is the middle child of the Talbott family and is known for her appearances alongside her parents and siblings on the popular YouTube family vlogging channel, Trav and Cor. Her introduction to the online world began with her birth being documented in the August 2016 YouTube video titled "Two sisters give birth on same day, only 15 minutes apart!!!" She shares a special birthday connection with her cousin, Indie Mae, as they were both born on the same day. Ryatt has also made a mark in the social media sphere, featuring in brand advertisements for baby clothing on her Instagram page. She manages two separate Instagram accounts, the first one, tydus_and_ryatt, is shared with her brother, while the second one, indiemae_and_ryattrae, is shared with her cousin. The latter account has garnered over 20,000 followers, showcasing the cousins in matching outfits in many of their photos.


The management of the Trav and Cor YouTube channel is overseen by Ryatt's parents, Travis and Corey, with her older brother, Tydus, also playing a prominent role on the channel. In 2020, Ryatt welcomed a younger sister named Bowie into the family. Notably, her brother gained internet fame as Mini Jake Paul and had the opportunity to meet the star in September of 2017. Ryatt's online presence continues to grow as she shares glimpses of her life and adventures with her family, captivating a wide audience through their engaging content on various social media platforms.

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