Robbie Burlew Bio

(TikTok ( & Instagram Star)

Birthday: January 11, 2001 (Capricorn)

Born In: Long Beach, California

Robbie Burlew is an American (now known as TikTok) and Instagram star, famous for his videos which he posts on TikTok. Like any other ordinary kid, Robbie too joined social media just to have some fun. But at the age of fourteen he realized that the platform could be used to make money whilst having fun. He soon gained popularity and came to be known as RobbieBaller10. He has uploaded a number of videos on YouTube and is also active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Robbie started using TikTok and soon became famous with over 550,000 followers on his former ‘hmurobbie’ account. His videos, ‘That is the Sport Play’, ‘Robbie_baller10 TikTok’, ‘HmuRobbie TikTok Compilation’ and ‘Robbie Burlew TikTok’, have been widely viewed. Though his present status on social media is ‘single’, he still has a soft spot for his ex-girlfriend, Reese, whom he had to leave behind when his family moved from Long Beach, California to Cincinnati, Ohio. Robbie is an upcoming star who has the potential of becoming a celebrity. He has developed a style of his own which is popular among youngsters. His fans on social media are eagerly awaiting his next video.

Quick Facts

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

Rise to Stardom

Robbie Burlew started using TikTok in the summer of 2015, to try and reach out to his fans. He soon became well-known among other users on TikTok as he accumulated more than 550,000 followers in no time. He then created his own user id and account, which he named ‘hmurobbie’.

Burlew quickly acquired celebrity status and became a youth icon among fans of his age. He became active on social media and started to interact with fans in order to gain their support and love. His huge fan base also helped him to promote his music. His hip-hop and rap music have a unique style and fans began to relate to his lyrics that deals with day-to-day issues related to American youth.

Robbie is active on multiple social media networks and enjoys a huge fan following. He loves answering questions posed by his fans. His fans love to interact with him online as he is prompt and honest while answering the questions.
His initial videos, ‘That is the Sport Play’ and ‘Robbie_baller10 TikTok’, became viral on YouTube and were widely shared on other social media platforms across the globe.
This encouraged him to compose his other works on YouTube, such as ‘Yourboyvontae Compilation’, ‘HmuRobbie Compilation’ and ‘Robbie Burlew’. These compilations have been widely viewed.

He is popular on Instagram too and has more than 76.5k followers. He also has a large fan following on YouNow, a live broadcasting service. He has uploaded several photographs and videos of his rapping abilities while flaunting his abs. These videos have received maximum likes as girls often drool over his strong abs. In fact, his abs has become a topic of discussion on social media.

His duet with Devontae on TikTok became famous. The duet was based on the original song by fellow social media personality, Ariana Renee.

Robbie Burlew is still a youngster, but has the potential of making it big in the entertainment industry. Once he finishes his studies, we will surely be hearing more about him.
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Family & Personal Life

Robbie Burlew was born on January 11, 2001, in Long Beach, California. He was born to a white mother and black father. He has four siblings and is the second youngest in the family.

He also has a cousin named Devontae, whom he is close to. They have made videos together and have uploaded them on YouTube and on other social media platforms as well.
Robbie had a girlfriend named Reese in Long Beach, whom he did not want to leave when his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. He pleaded with his mother not to move, but she could not help due to family constraints. Though his present status on social media is ‘single’, he still has a soft spot for Reese and often talks about her.

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