Reese Herron Biography

Reese Herron, also known by her YouTube nickname Reesiedoodles, is a popular Instagram star. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Reesiedoodles

Birthday: August 20, 2011

Nationality: American

Famous: American Female Leo Women

Age: 8 Years

Sun Sign: Leo

Born in: California

Famous as: Sister of Zach Herron

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father: Josh Herron

mother: Myta Herron

siblings: Ryan Herron, Zach Herron

U.S. State: California

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Reese Herron, also known by her YouTube nickname Reesiedoodles, is a popular Instagram star. She is the youngest sibling of the popular pop singer Zach Herron. She became famous because of her association with her brothers. Her parents then started an Instagram account for her, where she currently has over 174k followers. Her posts include her daily activities, snapshots from her travels, and messages encouraging her brother’s latest single. As part of being an Instagram celebrity, she has represented several brands, such as San Diego’s Izzy By Clothing and Find Fun Mermaid. Apart from her Instagram account, she also has a YouTube channel titled ‘Reesiedoodles’ where videos of her performances at school talent shows are regularly posted. She is often seen on her brother Zach’s Instagram stories as well. She recently graduated from her kindergarten school and currently lives with her loving family in California.

Rise to Fame
  • Reese Herron’s rise to fame is largely due to her association with the popular singer Zach Herron, who is her oldest brother. In many videos by Zach, Reese was often featured as the youngest sibling in the family. Zach Herron’s Instagram stories with Reese and his younger brother, Ryan, were a huge hit, and many people found the sibling relationship in the Herron family very cute. Her charming looks made people want to know more about her, and Reese’s parents decide to open an Instagram account for her by the username imreeseherron.
  • At the same time, they also created a YouTube channel titled Reesiedoodles to upload videos of her. Her most popular videos on YouTube include her singing Jojo Siwa’s song ‘Boomerang’ as part of her talent show in kindergarten.
  • With time, Reese’s Instagram account grew popular. She was seen with the likes of Jena Rose, Jazmine Lucero, and other music artists associated with her brother. She also collaborated with several clothing brands for children like Izzy By Clothing, Target Children, and Zara Children. As part of her Izzy By Clothing photoshoot, she worked with the photographer Zack Caspary. She has also advertised for Find Fun Mermaid and Kidpik box, a personal shopping selection. Currently, Reese has over 174k followers on her Instagram account. Recently, she graduated from her kindergarten school and uploaded a photograph with her teacher. Her mother manages her accounts and is her official talent manager.
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Personal Life
  • Reese Herron was born on August 20, 2011 to Myta and Josh Herron. Myta runs her own blog where she documents the life of her family. Reese has two older brothers, Zach Herron and Ryan Herron. Zach is a singer who is part of the hit band ‘Why Don’t We’. She currently lives with her family in California. Her hobbies include collecting Disney princess dolls, playing with clay, dressing up, collecting squishies, and dancing. She recently started to learn surfboarding as well. She is very close to her brother Zach and regularly posts photographs of him on Instagram stating that she misses him very much during his tours. She is also friends with Isla Stanford, a child model and actress.

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