Sienna Casas Bio

(American TikTok Sensation)

Birthday: July 8, 2015 (Cancer)

Born In: United States

Sienna Casas is a young TikTok sensation from America. She is known for featuring in lip-sync videos alongside her father, Nick. The daughter-father duo posts amazing singing, dancing and other videos on their TikTok account, ‘Nick&Sienna.’ The entertaining posts on their account delight several people, and they currently have over 5 million followers. Sienna Casas is also a part of her father’s self-titled YouTube channel. Together, they have made song covers of famous music icons, including The Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, and Sam Smith. Sienna routinely features on her father’s Instagram handle as well. Although the daughter-father duo is active across various social platforms, they are the most popular on TikTok. Today, their TikTok account has more than 200 million likes, thanks to their amusing and original videos!

Quick Facts

Age: 8 Years, 8 Year Old Females


father: Nick Casas

Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame
Sienna Casas and her father, Nick, began to post content on the internet in the fall of 2018. They initially started out on Instagram and soon had their presence felt on TikTok as well. One of the initial videos that featured Sienna on their collaborative TikTok account ‘Nick&Sienna’ was 'Someone loves the camera'. This was followed by several videos featuring the daughter-father duo. Some of them, including '#tiktoktest take 2 = Success', 'I’m already Tracer', and 'Sometimes she forgets the words,' managed to earn hundreds of thousands of likes within a month.
Sienna Casas and Nick continued to post a number of TikTok videos, and she became a sensation with the viral videos 'I think my child is destined for greatness', 'Sienna made this dance herself' and 'Well this is awkward'. Each of these clips showcased her as a young talented artist who could act, sing, and dance.
Today, the daughter-father duo’s account has several clips, many of which have earned over a million likes. Some of them are 'Finish that lyric part 2' and '@thehypehouse we’d like to visit- we can bring the Roomba'. With over 3 million likes each, these videos have won the hearts of many.
Sienna Casas is also a part of her father Nick’s self-titled channel on YouTube. Launched in early 2019, the channel features several music covers the daughter and father duo has created together. Some of the music artists they have covered till date are The Jonas Brothers, Bradley Cooper, Sam Smith, and Lady Gaga, to name a few.
Talking about their social media popularity, Sienna and her father have earned millions of followers across platforms. Today, their TikTok account has over 5 million followers and more than 200 million likes. Their YouTube channel has earned over 60k subscribers. Coming to their Instagram handle, it has over 270k followers.
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Family & Personal life
Sienna Casas was born on July 8, 2015, in the United States, to Nick Casas. Her father was in his mid-20s when she was born. Nothing is known about her mother as of now. Sienna and her father love shooting videos together. They also enjoy traveling and love to hang out with family and friends. They have a deep passion for singing and dancing and love to showcase their talents on social media!

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