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Rebecca Trujillo is an American Youtuber. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 21, 1996

Nationality: American

Boyfriend: Shaun Wood

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Corona, California

Famous as: YouTuber

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #839 Social Media Stars #675
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Rebecca Trujillo is an American Youtuber who became famous as Rocco Piazza’s best friend and nanny. Rocco Piazza is a famous scooter rider and hip hop star. Rebecca was featured in many of Rocco’s vlogs as she was the family’s nanny for over four years. She would also edit vlogs for the Piazza family. However, she decided to start her own YouTube channel in June 2017. She decided to leave the Piazza family and focus on her channel entirely. She started by posting videos that were related to her personal life and later started included other fun challenges which would draw in a higher viewership. Her channel became popular owing to her association with Rocco and she soon had plenty of subscribers. Currently, she has over 147k subscribers and over 6 million views. She is also popular on Instagram with over 100k followers.

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Rise to Fame
  • Rebecca Trujillo started off by babysitting Emma and Rocco Piazza and later turned nanny. As a nanny, she would live with them and all her expenses were paid for by the Piazza family. She decided to accept this because she had family troubles and Holly, Rocco and Emma’s mother, decided to step up as a mother figure for her. Later, she started appearing in Rocco’s vlogs, which were immensely popular. She was a constant appearance in family’s videos and photographs. She also used to edit and upload the family’s vlogs and was paid for this as well. However, she decided to leave her job as there were many personal differences between her and Holly and she remained unpaid toward the end. It was then she decided to start her own YouTube by posting a video in 2017. It was titled ‘The Truth...Why I left Rocco Piazza Vlogs’ and chronicled her break from the family’s vlogs and exposed the truth behind her leaving. She started her own career as a YouTuber.
  • A bunch of people started supporting Rebecca after her split with the family. She began uploading videos of her boyfriend and their relationship and later on posted challenge videos. These videos became very popular and encouraged her to continue uploading videos. Her most watched videos are ‘My Brother is Anthony from TEAM 10?’, ‘Song Lyric Prank Gone Wrong!’, and ‘Interviewing my Ex-Boyfriend & His Girlfriend’. Apart from being active on social media, Rebecca Trujillo has also worked as a model. She recently posed as a Victoria’s Secret Model at Laguna Beach in California.
  • As of now, Rebecca plans on competing her graduation and aims to become a counsellor as she loves talking to people and helping them understand their behaviors. She is very popular on Instagram and Twitter as well. She has over 100k follower on Instagram, and her feed involves her travels and photographs of her family and friends.
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Controversies & Scandals
  • Rebecca Trujillo decided to leave the Piazza family as Holly used to spread rumors behind her back, stating that Rebecca constantly used the family’s money to her benefit and often did not perform her duties as a nanny. Holly also wasn’t very happy with Rebecca’s relationship with her Marine boyfriend, Shaun Wood, as it meant there would be a lot of irregularities in Rebecca’s schedule that would clash with the family’s plan. She went on to throw Rebecca out of the house without paying her dues. Holly made videos that showed Rebecca in poor light. She also spread fake stories on Instagram to tarnish Rebecca’s reputation. Despite many attempts at re-connecting, Holly and Rebecca didn’t get along. Rebecca finally took the plunge and decided to leave the family. However, she has stated that she loves Rocco and would always want to be there for him.
Personal Life
  • Rebecca Trujillo was born on May 21, 1996 in Corona, California. She has mentioned that she has a younger brother and a younger sister. Rebecca is a self-confessed beach bum and loves hanging out near the sea. She also loves watching every type of sports and can easily immerse herself in the game. She played basketball in school. She is currently in a relationship with Shaun Wood, who is a United States Marine. They recently announced their engagement and are hoping to get married soon. She lives in California and recently purchased a Volkswagen Jetta SE, her dream car.
  • Rebecca Trujillo is friends with Taylor Alesia, a YouTube celebrity and has interviewed Alesia in one of her videos. She was also rumored to be Anthony Trujillo’s sister, but Rebecca clarified that they are not related.

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Last Updated : May 31, 2018
Rebecca Trujillo

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