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(Canadian YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 14, 1991 (Aquarius)

Born In: Montreal, Canada

Realrosesarered is a Canadian YouTuber best known for the ‘Roblox’ content which she shares on her channel. Her content includes gameplays, trolling videos, raps, livestreams, and more. In addition to ‘Roblox,’ she also plays games, such as ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,’ ‘Grand Theft Auto 5,’ and ‘H1Z1.’ Today, Realrosesarered is one of the most popular female gamers on YouTube. Her video gaming videos are fun, entertaining and undoubtedly unique. She also has unbeatable commentary skills and a great sense of humor that are showcased in her videos. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Realrosesarered is a fun-loving and sweet woman in real life. She loves to travel to distant places and try out different kinds of cuisines. Whenever not making YouTube videos, she likes to click photographs and post them on her Instagram handle.
Rise to Fame
Realrosesarered joined YouTube in February 2013, with her first video being 'RealRosesAreRed - Test'. This was followed by a number of ‘GTA 5’ and ‘Black Ops 2’ gameplay videos including ‘'RealRosesAreRed - GTAV Mock Wedding Part I', 'RealRosesAreRed - My First Commentary' and 'RealRosesAreRed - Black Ops 2 Random Moments', to name a few. All these gaming videos garnered moderate attention from video game lovers.
Realrosesarered soon started sharing videos related to the popular video games ‘H1Z1’ and ‘Rocket League.’ On October 18, 2016, she posted her first-ever vlog based on the “haunted location” theme; it was titled ‘24 Hour Challenge- haunted Insane Asylum’. In this vlog, she showed her audience a creepy paranormal activity while investigating a haunted mental asylum.
Realrosesarered, who is mainly known for her Roblox videos, has shared a lot of gameplay videos based on the video gaming platform. From Roblox trolling and undercover videos to Roblox raps and livestreams, there’s everything on her channel for Roblox lovers!
Two of the most popular videos on her channel to date are ‘Haunting People’s Houses While Invisible- Roblox Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid' and 'He Lied About Having Robux- Roblox Exposing Fakes- Roblox Social Experiment'. As of now, these gameplay videos have accumulated millions of views. One of the most recent videos on her channel is ‘I Found Out Her Boyfriend's SECRET with The Crystal Ball! | Roblox Royale High Update.' This is a must-watch for video game lovers!
With over 1 million subscribers on her channel, Realrosesarered is undoubtedly a leader in her field in YouTube! Besides YouTube, she also has a substantial fan base on Instagram. Currently, she has more than 85k followers on her Instagram handle.
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Family & Personal Life
Realrosesarered was born on February 14, 1991 in Montreal, Canada. She has collaborated on a number of videos with Kevin LaSean aka XpertThief. The latter is a video content creating phenomenon who has garnered tremendous popularity for his gameplay videos, skits, and vlogs. He has three successful hannels, namely, ‘XpertThief,’ ‘iSekC’ and ‘iSekCTV.’
Realrosesarered also sells her merchandise that features pillow cases, hoodies, t-shirts, mobile back covers and so on.

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