RatedEpicz Bio

(British Twitch Streamer Best Known for His GTA Content)

Birthday: October 7, 1997 (Libra)

Born In: England, United Kingdom

RatedEpicz is a British gaming streamer and YouTuber best known for playing the Grand Theft Auto V: Roleplay Mod. He plays the game on its NoPixel 3.0 server and has two popular active characters, the high-profile criminal “Randy Bullet” and the police officer “A.J. Hunter”. Apart from GTA V: Roleplay, he has also played several other multiplayer games such as Rust, Among Us, Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone and often teams up with fellow streamers and YouTubers like Rachell "Rae" Hofstetter a.k.a. Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Josh Zerker and Corpse Husband. He streamed on Twitch for years before moving to Facebook Gaming in the latter half of 2021. He is also active on his YouTube channel, but usually uploads shorter videos on it. He has 491K followers on his now inactive Twitch account, 169K followers on his Facebook Gaming profile and 75K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also very active on Twitter and has an Instagram account as well. He has been sponsored by several popular brands including G FUEL energy drinks and Artesian Builds computers. Despite being a longtime streamer, he has not revealed his face or identity yet.

Rise to Stardom

RatedEpicz joined Twitch on October 16, 2013 and YouTube on March 31, 2014. However, he only uploaded a few videos on YouTube in early 2017 and started streaming on Twitch in early 2018. He mostly played the Grand Theft Auto V: Roleplay Mod on the game’s NoPixel 3.0 server and quickly gained fame for his roleplay content. Initially, he played characters like “Maldino Vinchenzo Oliviano Pistone III” and “Jayden Hakizimana”, but those are not active anymore. However, he is best recognized for his two current characters: “Randy Bullet”, a high profile criminal in the Chang Gang who is considered the best shot in Los Santos, and “A.J. Hunter”, a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police who has received high praise for serving in all four departments of the force, but is in reality a dirty cop. Other than GTA V: Roleplay, he has occasionally played other games including Rust, Among Us, Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone.

While he primarily streamed on Twitch for years, he left the platform in July 2021 and announced his decision to move to Facebook Gaming through a Tweet in October that year. He also regularly uploads short highlight videos from his gaming sessions on his YouTube channel, on which he became active in early 2020.

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Controversies & Scandals

In February 2021, RatedEpicz was temporarily banned by Twitch following an in-game incident, which caused a lot of controversy regarding the platform’s double standards. As part of his role-playing content, RatedEpicz had entered the Vanilla Unicorn, a strip club within the GTA universe featured in the game, which caused the platform’s adult content filter to kick in and ban him from streaming. Shortly after he announced the information on Twitter, many started to flock to Reddit to discuss how the club was not strictly explicit and should be whitelisted as in-game content. They further pointed out instances where other streamers, like Ricegum, did worse things on GTA V: Roleplay than just walking into the club, but were not banned by Twitch, exposing its double standards.

Following the debacle, the developers also made fun of Twitch’s IRL Just Chatting content by announcing “we are going to add hot tubs to VU and call it Just Chatting”. While RatedEpicz’s ban was lifted hours later after he immediately appealed against it, the case was not an isolated one as several other Twitch streamers had faced similar issues involving the Vanilla Unicorn club, forcing NoPixel 3.0 to shut down that part of the map. Months later in May, RatedEpicz was banned from the NoPixel server for three days for breaking server rules. The incident happened following his confrontation with fellow streamer “AaronOnAir”, who was role-playing as a police officer alongside RatedEpicz’s character Randy Bullet. Randy was apprehended by AaronOnAir’s character, and while he was released following an agreement between the two, the latter refused to return his confiscated illegal items. This caused RatedEpicz to break character and go on a rant on his Twitch chat which led to his ban from the server. He subsequently apologized through a couple Tweets and announced his decision to take a few more days off from streaming role-playing content.

Family & Personal Life

RatedEpicz was born on October 7, 1997 in London, England, United Kingdom. While he has not revealed his real name or face yet, there have been speculations about his identity on multiple Reddit threads, with the common gag being that he is the Queen herself using a voice changer. He has, however, mentioned that he has recently completed his university education. He also considers streaming to be his fulltime job.

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