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Poudii is a famous American YouTuber who has earned fame for posting a variety of videos. Let’s have a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 16, 1999

Nationality: American

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Brooklyn, New York City

Famous as: YouTuber

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City: New York City

U.S. State: New Yorkers

Popularity Index
Vloggers #317 YouTube Pranksters #44 YouTubers #88
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Poudii is a famous American YouTuber who has earned fame for posting a variety of videos on his self-titled channel. He posts prank videos, challenge videos, story time videos, and videos related to games. Poudii has also collaborated with many of his fellow YouTubers, but his most famous collaboration has been with Aden Liban, popularly known as blackcharcoal. Poudii is also known for his vine videos that he posts on his channel. In addition to that, he posts comedy sketches and interviews too. His prank and challenge videos are extremely hilarious and they have contributed immensely towards Poudii’s popularity. His channel also has a bunch of reaction videos that are equally hilarious to watch. Poudii’s YouTube channel amassed more than 700,000 subscribers in a short period of time.

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The YouTube Story
  • Poudii grew up in fun-filled environment. During his school days, he became friends with a bunch of guys who loved playing pranks on others. Back then, Poudii would play pranks on others just for fun, but he never intended to perform such acts on social media.
  • After joining college, he came across boys who rapped and created comedy sketches. Poudii started off by rapping along with his college mates and also enacted a few comedy sketch scripts which were created by his friends. Poudii then started watching YouTube channels and the popularity gained by comedy and vine videos inspired him to follow the trend.
  • He finally created his self-titled YouTube channel in 2015. His first video was a public prank in which he tricked a few people with his weird shopping list. The second video was about a public interview in which Poudii approached strangers in Atlanta, asking them to criticize him without any particular reason. He messed around with a few of them too. He later said that the act was a social experiment as he wanted to know if people were genuinely interested in criticizing and mocking others.
  • Poudii carried on with his social experiments and started posting a variety of videos. He also started posting comedy, prank and challenge videos. At the end of all his videos, Poudii would try to come up with a meaningful message in a humorous way.
  • He also makes sure to add some fun element in the videos by playing a few pranks along the way. He said that he came up with this idea after watching videos of ‘FatBoySSE’ and others on Instagram. Poudii then made a couple of collaborative videos with YouTuber and rapper Aden Liban, best known as ‘blackcharcoal.’ The collaborative videos further elevated the popularity of Poudii’s channel.
  • Poudii has posted a lot of videos on the instant drink brand, ‘Kool-Aid.’ The craziest among them all was the video in which he mixed 100 packets of Kool-Aid in a gallon of water with an aim of drinking it as quickly as possible. He and ‘blackcharcoal’ then did a parody of a famous song. In a subsequent video, Poudii took up a challenge, in which he asked employees at a supermarket for a few unusual and absurd items, which do not exist! This idea was inspired by a video on blackcharcoal's YouTube channel. Poudii also collaborated with another YouTuber named Stephanie for the ‘Bean Boozled Challenge’ video.
  • Poudii also visits other countries as well, just to make his videos that much more interesting. He once went to Venice to conduct funny interviews with strangers. Poudii has also posted many challenge and reaction videos.
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Personal Life
  • Poudii was born on February 16, 1999, in Brooklyn, New York City. In March 2017, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to make more collaborative videos with ‘blackcharcoal.’ Poudii has not spoken much about his parents and other family members. Poudii seems to be single at present. However, the YouTuber has never spoken about his relationship status.

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Last Updated : February 19, 2018

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