Pamela Courson Biography

Pamela Courson was the long-term companion of the American singer Jim Morrison. Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her life.

Quick Facts

Birthday: December 22, 1946

Nationality: American

Famous: Family Members American Women

Died At Age: 27

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: Pamela Susan Courson

Born in: Weed, California, United States

Famous as: Jim Morrison’s Partner

Height: 1.74 m

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Spouse/Ex-: Jim Morrison (m. 1965–1971)

father: Columbus

mother: Pearl

siblings: Judy Courson

Died on: April 25, 1974

U.S. State: California

Cause of Death: Drug Overdose

More Facts

education: Los Angeles City College

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Pamela Susan Courson was the long-term companion of the American singer, Jim Morrison, whom she first met in a night club. The duo shared an extraordinary relationship. Although they were madly in love, their relationship was quite tumultuous and they frequently fought and abused each other. Both of them had flings with other people as well but in the end, they came back to each other. Jim Morrison even addressed Courson as his "cosmic mate" and also dedicated his self-published books to her. Morrison purchased Themis, a fashion boutique, for Courson to operate. Courson was known to be a bold and beautiful lady. She had a superb sense of style and adventure. She used to wear the type of outfits that no other woman would dare to. She also wore stark white makeup, especially at parties, and was very creative regarding her looks. Known to be a one-of-a-kind of a beauty, she also possessed a wry sense of humor.

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Involvement with Morrison
  • Pamela Courson and Morrison supposedly met at the nightclub ‘The London Fog’ in 1965, while the former was a student at Los Angeles City College. In early 1967, the couple moved in together in a house located on a hillside near the Country Store. The following year, they went to Angeles City Hall to register what was rumored to be their marriage license.
  • Courson's relationship with Morrison was quite tumultuous and involved loud arguments and repeated infidelities by both. However, they always reconciled in the end knowing that only they could stand up to each other. During their extraordinary romantic relationship, Courson and Morrison used to travel a lot together. They even discussed about having children at times. Morrison also bought a fashion boutique for his lady love with his royalty check from the album ‘Strange Day.’ Although they never married each other, Pam took Jim’s surname ‘Morrison’ later on in their relationship.
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Life after Jim Morrison's Death
  • On July 3, 1971, Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of their house in Paris. Later on, a report listed that he died of heart failure, although no autopsy was done. After Jim Morrison’s passing, Courson returned to the United States and started living with her friend Diane Gardiner. She also stayed with journalist Ellen Sander for few weeks before moving in with Gardiner.
  • She was completely devastated following Morrison’s death and was equally worried about her future. Courson also started spending more time with Sage, the golden retriever she had shared with Morrison.
Personal Life & Death
  • Pamela Courson was born as Pamela Susan Courson on December 22, 1946, in Weed, California, USA, to Pearl "Penny" Courson and Columbus "Corky" Courson. She had a sister named Judy.
  • On April 25, 1974, Pamela died of a drug overdose at her Los Angeles apartment, at the age of 27. Although her parents intended that she be buried next to Morrison at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, they had to bury her at the Fairhaven Memorial Park in California due to legal difficulties regarding the transportation of her body. She was buried under the name "Pamela Susan Morrison."
  • Several months after Courson’s death, her parents inherited her fortune. Later, Jim Morrison's parents opposed the Coursons' claim over the estate, leading to legal battles. However, in 1979, both the parties decided to divide the earnings from the estate equally.

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