Paisley McKnight Biography

(Daughter of Shaun & Mindy McKnight)

Birthday: February 11, 2011 (Aquarius)

Born In: Pennsylvania, United States

Paisley McKnight is the second adopted child and the youngest of six children of Mindy McKnight and her husband, Shaun McKnight, the famous couple who created the popular hairstyle tutorial YouTube channel ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’. She is one of the five daughters of the couple who sportingly became models for their parents while the latter filmed the girls’ hairstyles in umpteen ways to be uploaded on the channel. It all started when little Paisley was not even born. Mindy, who had no formal hairstyle training, started getting queries about how she fixed up such different kinds of fine braids for her daughters who became known for their different hairstyles at school. The family soon started getting public attention with many approaching Mindy to gain some insight into hairstyling. When the girls became informal hair models at a mall, Mindy started a blog where she posted pictures displaying steps in fixing up different hairstyles. Eventually, she started posting videos on YouTube and later launched the YouTube channel ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’, which garnered immense popularity. After little Paisley joined the family, she followed the footsteps of her elder sisters and willingly let her mother fix up different hairstyles on her for the channel’s tutorials. She also allows her darling daddy to style her hair on the “Daddy ‘Do” section of the channel.

Quick Facts

Age: 13 Years, 13 Year Old Females


father: Shaun McKnight

mother: Mindy McKnight

siblings: Bailey, Brooklyn, Kamri Noel, Rylan and Daxton

Born Country: United States

Family Members American Female

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

The concept of ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles’ came to the McKnights years before Paisley’s birth. The idea of hairstyling came as a hobby to Mindy sometime around 2001. She started trying out different hairstyles on her biological twin daughters, Brooklyn and Bailey when the two were mere months old. As time passed by it became difficult to keep track of the numerous hairstyles tried, which led her to keep snaps of these for easy reference in the future.

With time Mindy and her husband Shaun welcomed two more biological daughters, Kamri Noel, and Rylan, and the hobby gradually became some sort of a passion with many more hairstyles including Fishtail Braids, French Braids, Waterfall Braids, plaits, and twists among others coming up.

The girls became popular for such varied hairstyles in school which led to queries and requests pouring in on Mindy. Not only in school, but the girls’ intricate hairstyles also started getting noticed in public places, turning them into freestyle hair models, of sorts.

This inspired Mindy to record step-by-step instructions of different hairstyles along with photos in blog format starting from October 2008, so that people enquiring about them can visit the blog for easy reference. As the blog gained popularity within months, Shaun came up with the idea of filming video tutorials of such hairstyles and so came March 2009 when Mindy launched the Youtube channel, CuteGirlsHairstyles. The first video she published was titled “How to Make a Messy Bun #1 | Cute Girls Hairstyles.”

Within months, the channel grew immensely popular. It was later renamed Mindy McKnight, right after the name of its creator. Eventually, Shaun left his 8-5 job to manage the technical and business part of the channel.

Little Paisley came to McKnight’s world as their second adopted child and the youngest member of the family in 2011. In March of that year, her proud parents introduced her to the world through a video titled "New Addition to Our Family". The adorable and doting girl also became one of the star models on her parents' channel while enjoying the numerous hairdos her mother fixes up on her. She also lets her father fix up her hair in videos that find a place in the “Daddy Do” section of the channel that exclusively features Shaun doing the hairstyling for the girls. The channel has greatly evolved over the years. It now features vlogs, pranks, and hauls, along with hairstyle tutorials, and has become one of the most fan-favorite channels on Youtube with a subscriber count that goes over 5.63 million.

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Behind The Curtains

Paisley was born on February 11, 2011, in Pennsylvania, United States. She was adopted by Mindy and Shaun McKnight who were already parents to four biological daughters - twins Brooklyn and Bailey, born on December 31, 1999; Kamri Noel born on December 27, 2002; Rylan born on March 29, 2005; and an adopted son, Daxton, born on July 23, 2008. Shaun and Mindy made it a point to be in Pennsylvania at the time of Paisley’s birth. However, they had to wait for 9 days before they could bring her home. Presently she resides in Allen, Texas, United States with her parents and siblings. She shares a close bond with her sister Kamri and is often seen with her in videos.

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