Noah Jacob Bio

(Youtube Star)

Birthday: February 1, 2001 (Aquarius)

Born In: New York City, New York, United States

Noah Jacob is a YouTube star, who became famous for his prank and challenge videos. He has also posted reaction videos, DIYs and social experiments on his channel, ‘Noah Jacob TV’. His channel has amassed over 350,000 subscribers. His fans often go gaga over his funny and cringe-worthy videos. When it comes to his reaction videos, he usually reacts over prank and challenge videos posted by others. Some of his most popular reaction videos include his reaction on a TikTok compilation, posted by Malu Trevejo, another popular social media star. His prank and challenge videos too, are popular among his fans as they are fun to watch. Some of his popular challenge videos are ‘Idiot Test Challenge’, ‘Try not to look away challenge’, ‘Ultimate if you rap you lose challenge’, etc. Noah has also appeared in many videos, posted by his friend Nej D'Lux.

The YouTube Story
Noah created his YouTube channel on July 23, 2016. The first video that he posted was a reaction video, which contained his reactions over a TikTok compilation, posted by Chandler Alexis. Noah posted this video long after creating his channel, but after posting his first video, he was regular in posting his subsequent videos.
He started posting many reaction videos on TikTok compilations of social media stars, such as Malu Trevejo, Sarah Magusara, Sabrine Khan, the SiAngie Twins and Kaliyah Henderson among many others. In many of these videos, Noah appeared with his then girlfriend, Kayani.
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Most of Noah’s challenge and prank videos were posted on his friend Nej D'Lux’s channel. He eventually became a part of Nej D'Lux’s channel and a few months later, Noah even deleted his previous channel. He, in fact, introduced his girlfriend to his fans on this channel.
He then played a prank on his girlfriend by saying that he was gay. His girlfriend almost believed him and they ended up fighting. They both played a famous guessing game in which they went about guessing the age of TikTok stars. They had to guess their age by just watching their compilations. They once again fought on screen when he got to know that Kayani was cheating on him, but that turned out to be another prank, played, this time by Kayani. She once again played a similar prank on Noah when she told him that she had an affair with one of his friends.
Noah and Kayani also played many love-related games and they posted them on their channel. They once took up a ‘balloon bursting challenge’ in which they were seen bursting balloons without using their hands. Kayani also played the famous ‘I Am Pregnant’ prank on Noah and she absolutely nailed it.
They even posted a video of one of their dates and also shared all the other events that took place on that particular day with their fans. Kayani, being an expert prankster, once placed a camera in her living room to shoot Noah’s reaction while being ignored by her. They once played a game of texting each other using only song lyrics. During the course of the game, Noah came up with a plan to trick Kayani and started replying with some unusual song lyrics. By the end of the video, Kayani gets mad at Noah.
Noah and Kayani have also played the popular ‘Never Ever Have I’ game, and this video was liked by a huge number of their fans. They also looked extremely adorable in the video. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of their fans, they broke up. They even posted a video announcing their break-up and also gave the reasons for the same. Kayani was emotional throughout the video.
Later, they posted a five-part series titled ‘The Truth’ explaining their breakup. Even after their breakup, Kayani continued to appear in many of Noah’s videos. They even told their fans that they are good friends. Other YouTube stars like Jay-O have posted many reaction videos, reacting to the videos posted by Noah and Kayani.
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Personal Life
Noah Jacob was born on February 1, 2001 in New York. He was raised by his parents and he completed his high school from New York. Noah is currently single.

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