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Naomi Neo is a famous Singaporean blogger, writer, YouTuber, and social media celebrity. Let’s take a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 25, 1996

Nationality: Singaporean

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Singapore

Famous as: Youtube Star

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City: Singapore, Singapore

Popularity Index
Vloggers #383 Instagram Stars #55
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Naomi Neo is a famous Singaporean blogger, writer, YouTuber, and social media celebrity. She started hogging the limelight early in her life, thanks to her sensational write-ups and blogs. Her writing skills earned her several fans across the world, which encouraged her to create a YouTube channel. The channel has now amassed more than 300,000 subscribers. Before writing blogs and posting videos on YouTube, Naomi had shared her experiences and stories on other social media platforms like Facebook. Since her posts on Facebook struck a chord with several other youngsters, many of her write-ups went viral on the internet, which in turn encouraged her to start blogging. In 2010, she wrote a blog titled ‘Mothers,’ which was about the importance of motherhood. When the blog went viral, she realized that blogging could be her career option. Gradually, she became famous as a blogger and started earning money through her blogs. She then created her own YouTube channel, which made her even more popular. On her YouTube channel, she posts videos related to fashion, challenge videos, and comedy skits among many other interesting videos.

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Early Life
  • Naomi Neo was born in Singapore on January 25, 1996, into an upper middle class family. She distanced herself from her parents as she suffered from depression.
  • Though she was good in academics, her depression and mood swings went from bad to worse when she stepped into her adolescence. This was the time when she started expressing her feelings on social media, which led her to create a Facebook account.
  • Not only did she share her own stories, which struck a chord with the youth, she started sharing stories about her friends as well. She also came up with random posts about her social and school life, which gained her popularity.
  • Her writing skills got better with each passing day, and a few of her posts were shared by many, which led to a surge in her popularity. At the age of 15, she decided to start blogging, which changed her life forever.
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Blogging Career
  • She wrote a blog titled ‘Mothers,’ which spoke about the importance of motherhood. The blog also narrated the story of one of her friends. Her write-up achieved some great feats in terms of the total views accumulated, which encouraged her to make a career out of blogging.
  • She wrote with passion and purpose and threw light on issues prevalent in the society. She also started writing about the issues related to the youth and women. In one of her blogs, she spoke about how women are maligned if they establish physical relationships with more than one person. This led to a slight controversy, but it did not stop Naomi from writing about similar issues.
  • In 2012, she reached the peak of her fame and success. However, she decided to take a break from posting blogs as she was being attacked by cyber bullies. But with time, she learned to deal with the pressure and somehow carried on with her work. She also started to explore many other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.
YouTube Career
  • Naomi created her self-titled YouTube channel on December 17, 2009, and uploaded her first video titled ‘Superbass Cover.’ After a few introductory videos, she started posting a variety of videos on her channel. Some of her videos, which she posted at the beginning of her YouTube career, included makeup tutorials, challenge videos, jokes, and question and answer videos.
  • Owing to her frequency of uploading videos, her channel became famous in no time. Currently, it has more than 300,000 subscribers. Videos featuring her boyfriend became even more popular. On December 25, 2017, she uploaded a video in which her boyfriend was seen proposing to her.
  • One of her most popular videos is titled ‘Things Guys Don’t Know about Girls,’ which has gained more than a million views. Some of her other popular videos include ‘KFC Red Hot Challenge,’ ‘11 Types of Girlfriends Guys Hate,’ and ‘Boyfriend VS Girlfriend.’
  • She collaborated with a popular YouTuber named JianHao Tan and came up with a video titled ‘Not my Arms Challenge,’ which was loved by her fans.
Family & Personal Life
  • Naomi Neo was raised by her parents and has been very close to them ever after recovering from depression. She is pretty vocal about the love she has for her parents.
  • She reportedly suffered from depression; many of her blog posts address her struggle with loneliness, emptiness, and depression.
  • Naomi has over the years invited the wrath of cyber bullies for her views on sex relationship. Though she hardly pays attention to such rumors, she has become more aggressive about expressing her views on her way of life and sexuality.
  • Naomi was in a relationship with JianHao Tan, but the couple parted their ways, citing personal differences.
  • On December 25, 2017, Naomi announced that she got engaged to her fiancé, but did not reveal much about him. On March 11, 2018, she posted her wedding video on her YouTube channel.

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Last Updated : March 19, 2018
Naomi Neo

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