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(Canadian TikTok Star)

Birthday: August 19, 2001 (Leo)

Born In: Canada

Mya is a popular Canadian ‘ (now known as TikTok)’ star known globally by her account name ‘MusicallyMyak’. She is a trained and skilled dancer and gymnast. Mya has participated in several competitions from a young age and has won quite a few of them. She became a nationwide star after creating an account in the currently trending ‘lip-syncing’ app ‘TikTok’ where she has more than 50,000 followers and has featured in some of its compilation videos too. Her passion for dance and modeling drove her to create an ‘Instagram’ account, which is run by her mother. Her Instagram account is titled ‘Mya Papaya’. In mid March 2017, Musicallymyak created her own ‘YouTube’ account named ‘MyakThedancer’ and uploaded her first video a few days later.
Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In August

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females


siblings: Camryn Jolie

Born Country: Canada

Height: 5'2" (157 cm), 5'2" Females

Rise to Fame
Mya was born into a Canadian family and as soon as she started walking, she took an immediate fancy to dancing. She began dancing at the age of two and has never looked back since then. With the support of her parents, she enrolled at some of the best dance schools in Canada. There she trained in ballet, acrobatics and gymnastics.
After crossing several levels and divisions she decided to notch it up a step and created an account on the popular music app ‘TikTok’ where she generously uploaded several dance videos that were both creative and artistic. Her videos differed from other app users owing to her flexibility and jaw dropping moves that she effortlessly pulled off to the beats of Beyoncé, Flo Rida and Christina Aguilera. In an instance, she gained popularity and gathered a following of thousands fans. Needless to mention, her beauty harnessed its own attention when she created an ‘Instagram’ account and quickly became one of the leading dance suit models on the site.
With regular participation in local and national competitions, Musicallymyak acquired global attention when she signed on to become the ‘@acrobaticartsambassador’ or acrobatics art ambassador in an online voting competition. She uploaded an acrobatic silhouette against the sunset, which gained her huge votes making her one of the finalists of the competition. However, she lost the competition by a few votes but promised her supporters that she would clinch the title the next year, and was ecstatic to win an acrobat scholarship. She has currently enrolled in the ‘2017 Jump Start Dance Intensive - @elitedancechallenge’ for Canadian residents and hopes to win an entry into the convention.
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What Makes Musicallymyak So Special
On her ‘Instagram’ account Musicallymyak introduces herself as a person who “works hard to get better and stronger everyday”. She is very perseverant and believes that hard work has taken her places. Another fascinating quality she possesses is the ability to never stop learning. According to her, knowledge is as vast as the ocean and learning to better her techniques in dance is only going to be beneficial for her. She is down to earth and does her best to make her family proud. At fifteen, she is full of enthusiasm and has recently begun harnessing quite a bit of male attention owing to her natural beauty.
Beyond Fame
Musicallymyak juggles life between training at the studio and using social media as a platform to showcase her talent. As a teenage girl, she is trendy and has a refreshing fashion sense and when it comes to makeup the young lady likes to keep it natural, unlike teenagers her age. She loves going on trips with her family, which mostly includes having a great day at the beach. Her social account is handled by her mother who she can’t do without. She also loves swimming and modeling and loves taking on new challenges in dance.
Behind The Curtains
She was born in Canada on 19th August 2001. She has a younger sister named Camryn Jolie who is also quite popular on ‘Instagram’ and is a teen model. Camryn recently passed eight grade and celebrated her graduation day with a beautiful knee-length pink sequined layer dress.
Musicallymyak is now gearing up to take on the entertainment industry by enhancing her dancing skills and is attending a handful of training programs and dance conventions for the same. She is presently focusing on her career and isn’t dating anyone. Although she has quite a few followers on social media who seem to have a huge crush on her yet she isn’t thinking about getting into a relationship and is working on developing her dancing skills.

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