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Birthday: November 12, 2004 (Scorpio)

Born In: Norway

MrSavage (previously MrSavageM) is the online alias of Norwegian professional eSports player and content creator Martin Foss Andersen, who is primarily known for playing the online multiplayer video game Fortnite. He gained recognition for his skills as an early teenager in 2018 when he won the “EU Solo Showdown”. The following year, he signed with “NRG Esports” and earned a large amount of prize money at the “Fortnite World Cup”, participating in both Solo and Duo events. In February 2020, he joined the “100 Thieves” group and won the “DreamHack Anaheim”. In June that year, at the age of 15, he was featured in an article by The Verge. Along with his duo partner, British professional eSports player benjyfishy, he released an unofficial guide book aimed at Fortnite players and their parents, titled “Build it like benjyfishy & MrSavage”. He raised more than $15,000 in a charity stream on March 27, 2022 to aid Ukraine amidst the country’s ongoing war with Russia.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Martin Foss Andersen

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males


father: Johnny Troset Andersen

Born Country: Norway

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

More Facts

education: Montessori school

Rise to Stardom

MrSavage has been playing video games since he was a child and initially played games such as CS:GO, ARK Survival Evolved, H1Z1 and FIFA. After starting to play Fortnite, he soon realized his potential as he played against professional players across Europe. In July 2018, he won the “EU Solo Showdown” and was placed 4th overall in terms of points across the world. In January 2019, he signed with the North-American organization, “NRG Esports”. Along with fellow teammate benjyfishy, he won $20,000 at the “Friday Fortnite” tournament on May 31, 2019. At the “Fortnite World Cup” in New York in July 2019r, he qualified for both Solo and Duo events and was one of the fan favorites to win the tournament, but just managed to finish at 29th and 14th position, respectively, securing a prize money of $100,000. He left NRG in early February 2020, and joined another prestigious eSports organization, “100 Thieves”, the same month. In February 2020, he won $30,000 at the “DreamHack Anaheim” Fortnite tournament in California.

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Social Media Reach

MrSavage joined Twitch in February 2018, and the following month, began posting on his YouTube channel, which he already had since March 2015. While he regularly streamed on Twitch, he also uploaded clips featuring highlights of his games on YouTube. By early 2019, he was already getting nearly 50k people following his live streams. On YouTube, his video titled “40 BOMB IN SEASON 9”, uploaded on May 10, 2019, became immensely popular and remains the most popular video on the channel to this date. When he won the “DreamHack Anaheim” in 2020, he already had about a million viewers on each of the platforms. He currently boasts of 2.7 million followers on Twitch and 1.97 million subscribers on YouTube. He has been very active on Twitter since joining the platform in May 2018 and has 1.3 million followers on it. Even though he joined Instagram quite late in March 2019, he has already gathered 2.7 million followers there.

Raising an eSports Champion

MrSavage’s father, Johnny Troset Andersen, who helps manage his career, told The Verge in June 2020 that having no role models in eSports, he followed the career of Norwegian chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen and tried to organize things for his son like Carlsen’s father did. He hired an agent early on to help with his son’s sponsorship deals, and later hired a fulltime manager as well, to accompany him and his son to various events and serve as the point of contact for Martin’s team, “100 Thieves”. He further added that he has kept “as few as possible people reliant on him continuing gaming” because he did not want to put unnecessary pressure on his 15-year-old son, who could change his mind about his future career path any time if he wanted to. Describing his schedule, he revealed that Martin attended a Montessori school that was “really flexible” with his eSports career and allowed him to go to school just two and a half days per week, which was reduced to attending classes from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also added that his son spent six-seven hours each day practicing Fortnite, apart from spending half an hour more managing his social media. Moreover, Martin followed a strict diet suitable for a top athlete and had both mental and physical trainers.

Family & Personal Life

MrSavage was born as Martin Foss Andersen on November 12, 2004 in Norway. His father, Johnny Troset Andersen, also served as his manager early on. He attended a Montessori school, from where he completed his mandatory schooling in June 2020. He subsequently focused fulltime on becoming an eSports player. According to his father, despite Martin’s success in eSports, he still needed to do chores around the house, like emptying the dishwasher.

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