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Lee Carson (L for Leeeeee X) is a Scottish YouTube gamer. Let’s have a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 10, 1999

Nationality: Scottish

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Scotland

Famous as: YouTube Gamer

Popularity Index
Gamers #248 YouTubers #124
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Lee Carson is a YouTube gamer, best known as the assistant and friend of popular YouTube commentator Joseph Garrett. Also known as L for Leeeeee x, Carson was associated with ‘Stampy’s Lovely World.’ He was also associated with other gaming series like ‘Wee Wee Gaming.’ Lee Carson is also known by other names, such as Lee Bear and Leematode. He also owns a YouTube channel in which he posts videos related to famous video games. He gained prominence in the gaming circuit mainly because of his ability to play different characters in various game series. Lee was involved in a controversy which led him to quit ‘Stampy’s Lovely World.’

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YouTube & Gaming
  • Lee started his YouTube gaming career by collaborating with Joseph Garrett who is popular for playing the character of Stampy Cat in the ‘Stampy’s Lovely World’ game series. In real life, Lee and Joseph are family friends. Joseph knew Lee much before he joined the Minecraft fraternity. After discovering Lee’s passion for Minecraft games, Joseph asked Lee to join him in his ongoing series.
  • Lee started as Stampy’s assistant but later became his closest friend as well as his helper. Lee then created his own YouTube channel and named it ‘L for Leeeeee x.’ Interestingly, L for Leeeeee x is his character name in the ‘Stampy’s Lovely World’ game series. His character also goes by other names like Lee Bear and Leematode but is often referred as Lee. The character appears as a brown bear with a backpack. At times, Lee Bear wears diamond leggings and boots and changes his armors as per the enemy's power. When the character appears as a wolf, he is referred as Lee Mark II.
  • Lee Bear joined ‘Stampy’s Lovely World’ in the 53rd episode which was titled as ‘Friendly Creeper.’ But Lee Bear was already mentioned in the 50th episode, ‘Animal Farm,’ when Stampy added the character to his Love Garden. In the game, Lee bear helps Stampy in setting up buildings in the village. Stampy also owned two dogs namely, Sparky and Larry Love. While Sparky died in one of the episodes, Larry Love’s current status is unknown. Twenty episodes later, Lee Bear became Stampy’s main helper and continued his association till episode number 339.
  • Lee Bear did not appear in a few episodes as he was kidnapped by Hit the Target, a recurring villain in ‘Stampy’s Lovely World.’ The explanation behind Lee Bear’s disappearance from certain episodes was given later. Lee Bear finally left ‘Stampy’s Lovely World’ in episode number 339 which had a negative impact on the channel. There was a drastic drop in the number of subscribers and the number of comments in the channel.
  • Lee was also associated with other gamers like Wayne of ‘Wee Wee Gaming.’ Lee also collaborated with ‘Venomous Company.’ Lee was a part of ‘Bear on the Moon’ which is often referred as the replicate of the popular game, ‘Race to the Moon.’
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Personal Life
  • Lee Carson was born on February 10, 1999 in Scotland. He comes from a rural area on the outskirts of Glasgow.
Lee Carson

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