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Morgan Adams is an American YouTube star and social media influencer. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: August 22, 1997

Nationality: American

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Leo

Born in: Denver, Colorado

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 5'7" (170 cm), 5'7" Females


father: Bruce Adams

mother: Vicki Adams

siblings: Ryland Adams

U.S. State: Colorado

City: Denver, Colorado

More Facts

education: University of Colorado, Denver

Popularity Index
Vloggers #263 YouTubers #809
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Morgan Adams is an American YouTube star and social media influencer. She gained fame after starting to vlog on her eponymous YouTube channel. Morgan’s vlogs are generally characterized by Morgan doing funny antics, skits, challenges, or her day to day life. She doesn’t take life too seriously and is best described by her Twitter bio “The only thing I’m not joking about is that my life is a joke’’. Additionally, YouTube collaborations with her more popular sibling, Ryland Adams, and close friend, Shane Dawson, have also helped in cementing her popularity. Consequently, Morgan has often received criticism from fans of Ryland and Shane and from internet trolls, who think she is using them to get more viewers to her channel. But she proved them wrong by getting millions of views on her solo vlogs. Some of the most popular videos on her channel are ‘DIY Slime Challenge’, ‘Becoming My Brother’s Assistant’, and ‘Getting a Chipotle Tattoo’. Generating millions of views each, her content has made her equally popular on Instagram as well.

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Rise to Fame
  • In June 2018, Morgan posted the vlog ‘Why I Dropped Out of School’. In the video, she explained that she had made several failed attempts to start a YouTube channel since she was 12 years old. Her intended audience was her friends from school. Lacking confidence and not getting views, she forgot about the channel. She even tried posting videos on another channel with her best friend Trinniee, while still in high school. But that channel failed to become a success. She even tried to become a vlogger after moving to Hawaii. But all of these attempts failed and she gave up on making YouTube content.
  • While studying in Hawaii, Morgan was given the opportunity to move to the Czech Republic. While waiting for her student visa, she moved back to Colorado. Unfortunately, due to officials losing her visa application papers, she couldn’t move to Europe and was stuck in Colorado. She started working in Aurora and attending University. She later dropped out in 2017 and was unsure of what to do when Shane and Ryland suggested that she start making vlogs again.
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  • Maybe because of Shane and Ryland’s appearances on her videos or shout-outs from them, her new eponymous channel ‘Morgan Adams’ started getting more and more views. Although she created the channel in 2015, she posted her first travel vlog ‘A Day On Kauai | Secret Natural Lazy River’ in April 2017. She also appeared in a few videos on Shane Dawson’s channel, including the one where she talks about a ghost in her house named Angie. On January 24, 2018, she posted the video ‘The Ghost In My House’ which described her experiences with Angie. Not only her own subscribers, but viewers from Shane’s channel kept flocking to her for the video, giving it a whopping 2.8 million views.
  • The vlog became a turning point for the channel as she started getting more and more subscribers. Videos like ‘Talking About The Ghost With The Psychic Twins’ and ‘Ghost Hunting in Hollywood’ were viewed millions of times. She also collaborated with her brother Ryland, Shane, and YouTuber Josh Peck in videos like ‘DIY Slime Challenge’ and ‘Extreme Spicy Noodle Challenge W/ Josh Peck’ which became the most viewed content on her channel.
  • At the same time, her Instagram account also took off, only adding to her growing list of fans. Her Instagram bio reads ‘I didn’t choose chaos, chaos chose me’. Morgan’s vlogging style is very similar - chaotic, loud, and funny. With over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, most of whom started viewing her content from the beginning of January 2018, it has been an incredible year for Morgan Adams. The numbers are all the more impressive if her recent viewer stats are considered. Her latest vlogs like ‘Turning My Brother Into Me’, ‘My Honest Thoughts On Tanacon’, and ‘Recreating My Friends Instagram Photos’ have received more than 2.2 million views each.
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  • Morgan Adams is often criticized online by viewers for making use of Shane Dawson’s and Ryland Adams’ popularity to get views. Both Shane and Ryland have defended her. Additionally, she herself posted a video explaining that while many viewers came from their channels, but most of them stayed and her subscriber list grew, due to her own hard work.
Personal Life
  • Morgan Adams was born in Denver, Colorado, USA, on August 22, 1997. Her father, Bruce Adams is a baker and her mother, Vicki Adams is a photographer, who has often appeared in Morgan’s vlogs. Her brother is famous YouTuber, Ryland Adams. She went to the University of Colorado, Denver, but dropped out before completing.

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Last Updated : August 21, 2018
Morgan Adams

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