MK Cooper Bio

(YouTubers, TikTok ( Star)

Birthday: January 7, 2002 (Capricorn)

Born In: Webster, U.S.

Mary Kate Cooper, popularly known as MK Cooper in social media, is a ‘ (now known as TikTok)’, YouTube, and Instagram star. She is lovingly addressed as ‘MK’ by millions of fans. Her amazing dance and lip-sync videos, posted on her channel, have earned her more than 210k subscribers. MK belongs to a family of YouTube stars. Her brother David Cooper, who died in 2013, was also a YouTube personality. Annie LeBlanc, another YouTube star, is one of Cooper’s cousins. MK has posted videos on other channels like ‘The Arrow Faction’, ‘TruthPlusDare’ and ‘OMMyGoshTV’ which were created by the LeBlanc family. She is also a member of a famous YouTube channel and blogging site called ‘Bratayley’. She is also quite popular on TikTok ( where she has amassed more than 947,000 fans. She has also made a name for herself on Instagram where she is adored by over 161k followers.

Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Texas

YouTube Career

MK first appeared on YouTube when the members of ‘Bratayley’ posted a video, which paid homage to David Cooper. A year later in 2014, the Cooper family came up with a documentary about David and his childhood which was posted on ‘Bratayley’. MK was also featured in the video in which she was seen having fun with her brother during their childhood days.

MK became active on social media in March 2015. She started off by posting self-introductory videos on ‘Bratayley’ and other associated channels. She then started posting her dance videos on the popular music channel ‘TikTok’. Her passion for dance was apparent in the videos. MK attracted millions of viewers, thanks to her awesome and elegant dance moves.

MK’s YouTube channel was initially managed by her mother who also edited her videos. Unlike other YouTube stars, MK has scheduled her videos. On Mondays and Fridays, she posts a bonus video on any random topic. On Tuesdays, she posts videos based on her life stories, memories, and experiences. At times, these videos feature MK’s family members as well. On Wednesdays, she posts videos under the section, ‘Wanna Know Wednesdays!’ Through these videos, MK connects with her fans by answering questions posed by them. Fans can come up with any question that starts with the phrase ‘I Wanna Know’. Sometimes MK turns the tables on her fans by posing them with questions, which makes for an interesting conversation. She has now stopped posting videos on her channel with her latest video titled ‘APARTMENT TOUR’ being released in December 2020. 

On Saturdays, MK posts videos from another YouTube channel ‘TruthPlusDare’ which is managed by her family. She edits the videos, makes the necessary changes, and then posts the recreated version on her own channel. These videos are basically the enacted version of the popular game, ‘Truth or dare?’On Sundays, she posts videos that reveal a thing or two about her personal life as she talks about her boyfriend, family, and friends. MK mostly appears along with her cousin Annie LeBlanc, who is an active member of ‘Bratayley’. In December 2017, the family posted a video titled “Last Ever Video | Smitaneous | TruthPlusDare” where they announced the end of the channel.

MK has also posted videos on make-up tutorials, fashion hauls, and product reviews. She even shared videos on a healthy diet, skincare, and hair care. MK loves craftwork and artwork, having made videos on crafts and arts as well. Her DIY clips and videos on converting waste materials into something useful are very creative and fun to watch. MK has posted reaction videos in which she reacts to other YouTube videos. She even posted a video in which she reacted to one of her own videos, posted on ‘TikTok’.

Her former boyfriend Chase Hudson, who is also a YouTube star, has been a part of many of her videos. They posted several videos on ‘TikTok’ where they were seen dancing together. 

Ever since joining YouTube, MK has posted videos about her brother David on his birth and death anniversaries. She often displays her love and affection towards him and states that she still misses him a lot. She also includes a remembrance speech in each of her videos.

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Personal Life

MK was born on January 7, 2002, in Webster, Texas, US. She was raised along with her siblings and is the youngest of them all. Her older sister’s name is Danielle and she had an older brother, David, who was two years older than MK and they both shared a cordial relationship until his death in 2013. Their mother said that it was a natural death and that he was battling illness. But later, it was confirmed by the forensic department that he had committed suicide. The reason for his extreme step is still unknown. MK calls her brother David a superhero. She considers him an inspiration and the reason behind her success. She started training in gymnastics at an early age, becoming a level 4 competitive gymnast at just the age of 6.

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