Mirta Díaz–Balart Biography

(Fidel Castro's Ex-wife)

Birthday: September 30, 1928 (Libra)

Born In: Banes, Cuba

Mirta Díaz–Balart is better known as the first wife of former Cuban president and famous revolutionary communist leader Fidel Castro. Born to Rafael José Díaz-Balart, an ace Cuban politician and the mayor of Banes, she met Fidel while studying philosophy at the ‘University of Havana.’ Fidel and Mirta got married in 1948. This was one of the most prolific political romances of the mid-20th century. The couple celebrated their honeymoon in New York City. After having a son and enjoying seven years of blissful marriage, the couple divorced. Fidel was notorious worldwide for his womanizing ways, and this became the cause of their apparent divorce. After the divorce, Mirta won their son’s custody. Miffed at Fidel, Mirta later married his biggest political rival, Emilio Núñez Blanco, and remained married to him until his death in 2005. Fidel Castro’s personal life was filled with controversies, and his relationship with his wife was one of the most talked-about aspects about him, apart from his political trysts. Her son from Fidel, Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, better known as “Fidelito,” committed suicide in February 2018, after suffering from prolonged clinical depression.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Mirta Francisca de la Caridad Díaz-Balart y Gutiérrez, Mirta Diaz-Balart

Age: 95 Years, 95 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Emilio Núñez Blanco, Fidel Castro (m. 1948–1955)

father: Rafael José Díaz-Balart

mother: América Gutiérrez

siblings: Rafael Díaz-Balart, Waldo Díaz Balart

children: América Silvia Núñez Díaz-Balart, Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart (died 2018), Mirta Núñez Díaz-Balart

Born Country: Cuba

Family Members Cuban Women

More Facts

education: University of Havana

Mirta Díaz–Balart was born on September 30, 1928, in Cuba, into one of the most esteemed and reputed political families of Cuba: the Díaz–Balart family. She was the daughter of Rafael José Díaz-Balart and América Gutiérrez. Rafael was the mayor of the town of Banes and one of the most influential political figures in Cuba.
Despite her family’s background in politics, Mirta was not interested in politics and opted to study philosophy and literature from the ‘University of Havana’ Instead.
She met Fidel at the university. Her brother, Rafael, was a promising young politician under the Cuban Batista governance and was thoroughly against Mirta’s decision of marrying Fidel. This caused some trouble in the family, but Mirta was not the one to give up easily. Mirta and Fidel got married while they were students and soon went to New York for their honeymoon.
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Troubled Marriage
After getting married to Fidel Castro, Mirta Díaz–Balart lived a happy and satisfied life for a while, and after a year of being married to Fidel, she gave birth to their son, Fidelito. That was the time when the Cuban revolution was starting to peak, and Fidel was mostly away from home. Initially, Mirta tried to support her husband, but she soon started doubting his fidelity.
She somehow came to know about Fidel’s womanizing ways, a few years into their marriage. She slowly started getting detached from him, and in 1955, after seven years of marriage, she finally initiated the divorce proceedings. The divorce was granted the same year.
Fidel fought to get the custody of their son. However, his revolutionary and somewhat risky life became a hurdle, and Fidelito’s custody was eventually won by Mirta. Moreover, Fidel was in a government-imposed exile at that time, and the Batista government did not allow him to enter the country.
Life After Marriage
Within a year of getting divorced, Mirta fell in love with Emilio Núñez Blanco, who also happened to be one of the many political arch-enemies of Fidel Castro. She started living with Emilio and their children at a beach resort in Havana.
When Fidel managed to overthrow the dictatorial Cuban government in 1959, he made himself the prime minister of the Republic of Cuba. Following this, Mirta went to Spain with her husband and settled down in Madrid.
Castro soon came to be known as one of the most notorious figures in the anti-communist European and American political space, and Mirta spent years without letting anybody know about her past marriage with Fidel. Emilio once stunned a journalist when he told him about his wife’s past.
Mirta was very fond of her son and met him at every opportunity she got. She tried visiting him even while he studied at the ‘University of Moscow.’ After completing his studies, he moved back to Cuba. Mirta met him a number of times a year, without letting Fidel know about it. It was a difficult thing to do, considering the fear of Fidel in the Cuban society. However, Fidel’s own brother, Raúl Castro, arranged those meetings. This continued for many years.
At the turn of the century, Emilio fell sick. At one point, both Emilio and Fidel were ill. It was later revealed that when Emilio lay dying in a hospital in Spain, Mirta was in Cuba. Mirta had many reasons to visit her home country, and she would often meet her family and her son. Her daughters from Emilio, América Silvia and Mirta Núñez, stayed in Spain with their respective families. Mirta has a number of grandchildren from both her daughters.
The Bittersweet Life
Despite his notoriety as a womanizer, it is said that Fidel Castro loved only one woman his entire life, and that woman was Mirta. The Cuban government had mostly kept Fidel’s private life away from public eyes, but it is a widely known fact that he had many girlfriends and had fathered many children. Despite that, he never remarried. Although some sources claim that he had later married a woman named Dalia Soto del Valle, there has never been an official confirmation regarding the same.
Mirta’s only son, Fidelito, committed suicide on February 1, 2018, at the age of 68. He was also known as “Little Fidel,” owing to striking similarities with his father. He had been struggling from a prolonged bout of depression and was kept under strict medical surveillance. He still managed to find a way to kill himself.

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