MatPat Bio

(US YouTube Star and Creator of the Webseries 'Game Theory')

Birthday: November 15, 1986 (Scorpio)

Born In: Ohio, USA

Matthew Patricka.k.a. MatPat is the owner of one the most talked about YouTube channels of this generation. If you’re a stickler for movies and games, and obsessed with overanalyzing even the tiniest details in these departments, then his channels are where you will find most comfort in. His channels The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists discuss the craziest lore in a movie scene or pick apart the darkest secrets in a hit game, MatPat is definitely more than just unique. No wonder you can’t get out of your seat until you’ve made it down to at least 20 videos straight in either channel- there is just so much that his channels offer! With a fan base of over 17.2 million subscribers on his channel The Game Theorists alone, MatPat has gained enough fame to even feature and host other shows! Besides the above two channels, he also has two more channels, The Food Theorists, and GTLive.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Matthew Patrick

Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Stephanie Cordato

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

U.S. State: Ohio

More Facts

education: Duke University

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

MatPat’s game-changing YouTube channels have been the talk of the town for years; and the back-story to his rise to success is just as inspiring as his transition into one of the biggest YouTubers. Growing up, Matthew was the kind of kid that always valued education to a point where he’d take classes during the summer break, and who also just couldn’t get enough of games and movies. A few years later, Matthew whipped out the idea of sharing with the world never-before-witnessed YouTube contents like talking about the relationship between gaming and reality in terms of math and science. Thus, he brought into existence his first channel ‘The Game Theorists’, where he releases episodes based on games like ‘Nintendo’ and ‘Call of Duty’ and educates the viewers about its tangential experiences. A channel that mostly shares video content that are spin-offs or even sometimes separate shows, ‘The Game Theorists’ soon caught the eye of major gaming channels and fanatics. Now with a whopping 17.2 million and counting subscribers, Matthew Patrick’s channel that lets several content creators formulate theories and educate their viewers about games, is on its way to make it even bigger! Following the success of this channel, he announced the introduction of a second channel, ‘The Film Theorists’, that basically runs along the same lines as ‘The Game Theorists’ but centered around theories about films. In his third channel ‘GT Live’, Matthew and his wife are seen hosting live streams that revolve around gaming and related challenges and discussions. His new channels have received over 11.9 million and 3.1 million subscribers respectively.

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What Makes MatPat Special

Just after this future YouTube star graduated from university, he found himself in crossroads where his dreams of pursuing an acting job just weren’t working out. After a couple of rejections from theatre companies and being unemployed for over two years, he decided to take these closed doors into his stride and decided to switch career goals. It was his sheer willingness to never be overcome by failures that made him the star that he is today. Today this young man stands as a testament that anything can happen if you just keep pushing forward! With his mounting fame, Matthew has even gone ahead to feature in other mega YouTube channels, and has spread his infectious positive vibes to his ever growing audience.

Beyond Fame
He is a double major degree holder in Theatre and Neuroscience and was even the valedictorian of his graduating class. Needless to point out, this YouTube genius has got it all- but he never fails to remind his fans about his struggles and his inspiring journey to fame.
Behind the Curtains

Matthew Robert Patrick was born on November 15, 1986, in Medina County, Ohio, USA. He met his future wife Stephanie Cordato while just a student at the prestigious Duke University and the two hit it off during the creation of the spin-off called ‘The Epic of Stew.’ The pair later tied the knot in in North Carolina in 2012. In July 2018, the couple welcomed their first child named Oliver.

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