Mariamstar1 Bio

(Australian TikTok Star)

Birthday: July 7, 2006 (Cancer)

Born In: Sydney, Australia

The spread of the internet has made it possible for young stars to easily publicize themselves. They can hope to quickly improve their popularity instead of relying on any agents. One such talented girl who has made herself popular using the internet is Mariamstar1. She showed interest in singing and dancing from a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents encouraged her to improve her skills. She started to give performances at local events and participated in competitions. But her fame shot up only when she started posting her videos on social media channels. Mariamstar1 has earned 2.9 million fans on the popular app TikTok.

Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In July

Also Known As: Mariam Assad

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females

Born Country: Australia

City: Sydney, Australia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Despite becoming a skilled singer and dancer at a young age, the popularity of Mariamstar1 did not increase until she started posting her videos on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok. Most of the videos posted by Mariamstar1 are lip-sync and dance sequences of some of the most popular stars in the USA like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. Her dances are very fast-paced and are shot with the main intention of attracting the attention of young viewers and teenagers. Another popular genre of her videos which have become popular of late is comedy videos. These videos are based on some of the most routine events in society and try to poke fun at them. In these comedy videos, Mariamstar1 appears in funny clothing which looks very appealing to children. She tries to imitate the behavior of politicians and movie stars whom she wants to criticize through the video. Along with Mariamstar1, her friends and family members also participate in such comedy videos. She is a close friend of fellow social media celebrity Piper Rockelle and has made several appearances on her Youtube channel. The two friends have also collaborated on TikTok as well. 

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Today, Mariamstar1 is recognized as one of the most popular teenage models on TikTok. She has a fan base of 2.9 million on the app. She has also got a good following on other social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. She has amassed over 406,000 followers on Instagram. In view of her popularity, it is predictable that she would soon be embraced by some media company from Hollywood and get fat contracts.

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What Makes Mariamstar1 So Special

A number of things make Mariamstar1 unique when compared with other artists of her age. One of the most important things that make her popular is the way she mixes dance and music in her videos at such a young age. The second thing that makes Mariamstar1 popular is her dancing style with quick moves and jerks which is similar to that of Michael Jackson and other pop stars. These moves have also made her popular as one of the best dance performers in the USA. Her social media popularity landed her the role of ‘Chloe’ in Brat TV’s comedy series ‘Mani.’

Beyond Fame

Mariamstar1 is too young for developing long-term emotional relationships or affairs! She has always stayed away from controversies. She is said to maintain a good rapport with the other social media personalities she works with.

Apart from just publishing videos that can improve her image, Mariamstar1 also shows a strong tendency to come out with videos that express social consciousness. In one of her videos that was posted on TikTok, she argued against bullying of young people. The bullying video used the melody song performed by the artist duo Bars and Melody. In the video, she was shown with a tape across her mouth and a lot of derogatory words written all over her. Depicting herself as being abused by adults, she appealed to all the grownup people to stop bullying children. The video went viral and received a lot of appreciation from child advocacy groups.

Behind The Curtains

Mariamstar1 was born on July 7, 2006, in Sydney, Australia. She has 4 older siblings, 2 older brothers, and 2 older sisters. She spent most part of her childhood in other countries as her parents moved across countries due to the nature of their jobs. She finally came to the USA at a young age and has stayed there since. Her parents don’t have any plans to move out of the USA due to better career prospects for their children. Her father is particularly interested in her budding career. He often appears in her videos.

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