Hayley Stewart Bio

(Australian TikTok Star)

Birthday: March 18, 2004 (Pisces)

Born In: Australia

The current generation is all about living in the present and discards anything that has used up their attention span. Social media apps are a dime a dozen nowadays, each having lesser shelf life than its predecessors. So, move over DubSmash, Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) is the hippest thing on the map right now.The app lets you record your own music videos by lip syncing to your favorite songs and share them instantly with other users. Sort of MTV meets American Idol meets Instagram. Sounds simple on the surface, but to master it like a pro, you need to perfect your expressions and hand and body movements, all along maintaining the perfect camera angle and lighting. Hayley Stewart has got every single one of these down pat. She and her sister Kaytlyn are homeschooled by their mother. Hayley confessed that she started experimenting with the app because she had a lot of free time at home after completing her assignments. That’s when she got hooked to the unlimited possibilities of what is known as TikTok. Her videos are funny and creative at the same time and have earned millions of hearts on her account. She has her 2.8 million followers hooked on to her TikTok account with her crazy funny expressions. She also started a YouTube channel in 2015, called Haylo Hayley and has 103K+ followers.

Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In March

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Females


siblings: Kaytlyn Stewart, Wesley Stewart

Born Country: Australia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

This pretty tween Australian was instantly noticed by musers (TikTok users). A self-confessed editing freak, her TikToks are extremely creative and fun to watch. Hayley experiments with several video editing apps like Funimate and VideoStar to give her videos that extra zing. She does immaculate makeup and quirky looks for shooting her TikToks. She sports some hilarious expressions that tickle those funny bones. And she looks good. Always. Even in the videos where she has a scary makeup on! Her fans adore her sparkly blue eyes and can’t seem to get enough of her TikToks. Her fans regularly send her art work which she lovingly and proudly features in her Instagram. Her various tutorials on making awesome TikTok videos have received a lot of views on her YouTube Channel. Her fans love her for her candor as much as they drool over her gorgeous looks.

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What Makes Hayley Stewart So Special

Hayley’s quirky personality shines through her TikTok and YouTube videos. Case in point, her bucket list includes riding a roller coaster for the first time and getting hypnotized. The little dare devil that she is, she is also just a bit upfront to her followers about her life. She is always experimenting with her hair, not only in hairstyles, but also in hair colors. A natural blonde by birth, so far, she has tried red, brown and even purple for her hair before settling with black. Her videos with her sister Kaytlyn, who’s also quite big on TikTok, are adorably realistic with the sisters squabbling and teasing each other over silly issues. She was amazingly supportive of Kaytlyn when her social media accounts got hacked. Together they set some pretty lofty sister goals.

Beyond Fame

Hayley has received a lot of flak for using swear words often in her YouTube vlogs. She has also been accused of being a bully after she uploaded roasts of fellow TikTok stars, Jacob Sartorius and Loren Beach. Hayley and her sister both declared that they are not going to do these types of videos anymore and that they only did it because they were popular at the time. In one vlog, her sister said that Hayley has a boyfriend but Hayley claims that she is happily single because she has her bed, her pizza and her pet cat.

Behind the Curtains

Hayley’s favorite food is Charcoal Chicken Chips with gravy and she hates seafood. She is gluten and lactose intolerant. She loves her little brother Wesley and in true sisterly fashion forces him to follow her Musical.lys even though he hates social media. She loves ‘Teen Wolf’ and occasionally binge watches ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Her parents are English and American who are currently living in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. She has two pets, a cat called Muggles and a kitten named Fatty. Her favorite singers are Ariana Grande and Melanie Martinez. She recently attended a concert of the latter at Indiana, USA.

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