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Maria Shabalin is an American (now known as TikTok) & Instagram personality. Let’s take a look at her personal & family life including age, boyfriends, net worth, and fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: October 19, 2002

Nationality: American

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Libra

Also Known As: Maria

Born in: Brooklyn, New York

Famous as: TikTok ( & Instagram Personality


father: Andrew

mother: Julia

siblings: Anthony

U.S. State: New Yorkers

More Facts

education: Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #186 Social Media Stars #528
Continue Reading Below (now known as TikTok) star Maria was meant for stardom! From a young age she had been popular in school; her teachers always encouraged her to participate actively in all school events. And she comes first in almost everything she attempts! Fame knocked on her door when she began posting her dancing talent on the TikTok app and on Instagram. Overnight she earned herself hundreds of followers and today she has a following of over two million on the TikTok app. Apart from that she also regularly posts comic lip-syncing videos and pictures of herself on Instagram, where she has gathered around 107K fans. She is also active on Twitterwith more than 1K followers. With all the popularity she earned in a short span of time with these social media accounts, she launched her own channel on YouTube where she has a commendable 12K subscriber count.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Maria gained recognition when she began uploading short comic videos on TikTok. Her videos began trending on various social media sites, and soon many people started following her. The more she kept uploading videos, the more fans she gathered. Her content was fresh and original. Shortly afterward, she began uploading hilarious videos pertaining to all sorts of awkward momentary situations. Her fans began following her on Instagram as well, where she continues to frequently post pictures with her friends as well as her videos for those not using the TikTok app.
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What Makes Maria Shabalin So Special
  • She is a Russian beauty: though born in the US, she has distinctive Russian features. Almost all her female fans want to be like her, and she has plenty of male fans swooning over her gorgeous looks. She wears minimal makeup, and is very trendy. She has her own take on things and sets her own trend. She is also very creative and talented. Friendly and calm, she introduces most of her friends in her videos. She collaborates with other Musical,ly stars in their videos as well.
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    #pettychallenge @nicolettachka @_imnotjulia_

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Beyond Fame
  • Vibrant as she is, she loves spring and loves the beaches too. She is a regular student and is focused when it comes to academics. She also partakes in co-curricular activities; she knows ballet and other dance forms. Her Instagram account indicates that she hangs out a lot with her friends and has a gala time with them too. She is as real as she can be, and never puts up a façade on her videos—throughthis she hopes to inspire girls all over the globe to love themselves and be true to who they are. She continues to practice and develop her skills in dancing. She loves eating the food her mom cooks, especially lamb steak.

    As you can clearly tell, I messed up on the word possessed:) screw you anxiety!

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Behind The Curtains
  • She was born in Brooklyn and continues to stay there with her parents, Julia and Andrew. She has an elder brother who is 21 years old, Anthony. Their family has four pets – a bunny, dog, a Siamese cat and a parrot. She loves dressing up and setting trends. She has a very strong personality and her friends and fans try to follow the trends she sets. Her best friend is Julia; she is also studying in New York. She isn’t too fond of the winters and doesn’t like the biting snow. On a typical Sunday afternoon she loves going sailing with her dad. She is sensitive and caring, and expects the same from others. She isn’t dating anyone at the moment though she has received several proposals and many of her fellow TikTok celebs have crushes on her.But she isn’t interested in anyone as yet and is busy having a blast with her girls. Owing to the way this lady is making a name for herself, we can predict she is an international model or actress in the making!


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  • Her go-to hangout place is Coney Island, where she is found mostly with her girlfriends.

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