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Mama Rug (Sana Awadis) is a famous YouTube personality who belongs to a family of YouTubers. Let’s take a look at her family, age, birthday, career, and some interesting facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 12, 1964

Nationality: American

Age: 56 Years, 56 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: Iraq

Famous as: YouTuber, Prankster

Height: 5'8" (173 cm), 5'8" Females

Popularity Index
YouTube Pranksters #54 Social Media Stars #470 Instagram Stars #224
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Mama Rug is a famous YouTube personality who belongs to a family of YouTubers. Her real name is Sana Awadis and she is the wife of Ron Awadis, popularly known as Papa Rug on YouTube. She has two sons, Brandon and Brian, who are also famous YouTubers. Mama Rug has a huge fan following and they adore her for being a loving and caring mother. Some of her videos also deal with the psychological impact on children who are subjected to bullying. Mama Rug has amused her fans by posting crazy prank videos as well. She has had great success on YouTube so far as she managed to garner more than 100,000 subscribers within 36 hours of creating her YouTube channel. However, she is the least active in making and posting videos when compared to other YouTubers from her family. She enjoys helping her sons and husband in making videos more than she enjoys being in front of the camera.

The YouTube Story
  • Mama Rug created her YouTube channel in 2017 under the name ‘Mama Rug & Papa Rug’. However, Papa Rug has his own YouTube channel which he created around the same time. She and Papa Rug were the last two in the family to join YouTube.
  • Mama Rug was encouraged by her sons to join YouTube and she did exactly that on her birthday. Just after creating her channel, she learnt from her sons that they were subjected to bullying. She then made up her mind to talk about bullying and its effects on kids.
  • In her videos, she condemned the act of bullying as she felt that it can have an adverse effect on the victims’ confidence. Mama Rug shared her childhood experiences on how being a victim of bullying had affected her confidence and the measures taken by her to overcome it. She highly condemned the fact that people sometimes engage in bullying when they become jealous of somebody’s success and fame.
  • In one of her videos, she expressed her concern towards her son Brian, whose car was stoned and smashed by some haters. Her strong views garnered her huge number of subscribers within the first three months of her joining YouTube.
  • There were some haters too, who criticized her and her success, saying that many of her subscribers were Brian’s fans and that she wouldn’t have got so many subscribers if not for him. But Mama Rug never felt bad about it and gracefully replied to all her haters by saying that she is more than happy to owe her success to her son. The way she handled herself on YouTube was admired by many and this gave her more number of subscribers. Mama Rug later posted a video, thanking all her fans for showering so much of love and affection on her.
  • In one of her videos, Mama Rug spoke about her new home to which her family was then planning to shift. They bought a new home in San Diego and her family was busy shifting. This prevented Mama Rug from posting any videos during that period of time. After settling down in her new home, Mama Rug posted a video about her experience of shifting. She also confessed that she did not like her new home as she was fond of her old house.
  • Mama Rug then started posting prank videos which are crazy and hilarious. She posted these videos after she was cajoled into doing so by Brian. She was amused by the prank that he had played on her and then decided to post some of her own. In addition to that, she also posted some cringe-worthy videos like making the tallest and biggest pizza, eating extremely spicy food, etc.
  • Mama Rug is a great cook and has shared many of her recipes in her videos. Her husband and sons have accompanied her in some of her videos, either to help her in cooking or to review her dishes, which according to them are often delicious.
  • Mama Rug loves her family a lot which is evident in most of her videos. She has always expressed her feelings toward her loving husband and often states that she takes pride in raising her sons, Brandon and Brian. In one of her videos, which she posted on her 24th wedding anniversary, she spoke about her beautiful journey with Ron. She expressed how grateful she is to have someone like Ron who is a great husband and a greater father.
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Personal Life & Family
  • Mama Rug was born on January 12, 1964 in Iraq, and brought up too. She then moved to San Diego, USA in 1987 after getting married to Ron Awadis. Her sister is married to Ron’s older brother. Mama Rug is a coffee lover and also loves Mexican food.

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