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Mady Vivian is an American (TikTok) personality. Check out this biography to know about her family, personal life, including her age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: March 28, 2001

Nationality: American

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: Florida

Famous as: TikTok ( (TiTok) Star

U.S. State: Florida

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #159 YouTubers #1077
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Mady Vivian is an American social-media personality. She is best known as “The Glitter Queen” on '' (now 'Tik Tok'), as she creates amazing effects in her videos, using glitter. Her passion for filming and editing has led her to create such beautiful videos. Mady shares her TikTok tutorials on her 'YouTube' channel. In these videos, she shares tricks to create special effects. The channel also hosts makeup tutorials, DIY projects, hauls, and other such entertaining content. After TikTok tutorials, the most popular video segments on the channel are Q&A videos and tag videos. Mady has featured her boyfriend and siblings in her videos, too.

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Social-Media Fame
  • Mady always had a passion for filming and editing videos. In seventh grade, she and her group of friends created a news show for 'Wildcat TV.' Mady edited the videos and loved the whole process. Following this, she developed an interest in filming and editing. She would often watch ‘YouTube’ tutorials on filming and editing to learn more about the art. Mady ventured into social media through her 'YouTube' channel. The channel is titled 'Mady Vivian,' a combination of her first and middle names. The channel hosts Q&A videos, tag videos, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, hauls, challenges, and travel diaries. The most popular videos on the channel are her 'TikTok' tutorials. She once stumbled upon the app 'TikTok' while surfing her app store. She deleted the app after some time, but downloaded it again, later. Mady is now a popular "muser" known by the pseudonym “The Glitter Queen.” She creates special effects in the 'TikTok' videos, using glitter. She sometimes uses baby powder and colored powder to create the effects. Her 'TikTok' account now has more than 500 thousand fans. Mady posts 'TikTok' tutorials on her 'YouTube' channel, where she shares tips and tricks to create amazing 'TikTok' videos with special effects. She also posts videos that feature her boyfriend and her siblings. The channel now has over 313 thousand subscribers.
  • Mady also posts content on her 'Instagram' page, where she has earned a little over 31 thousand followers. She plans to launch her merchandize line someday.
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Personal Life
  • Mady was born on March 28, 2001, in Florida, US. She grew up with her three siblings. Mady is in a relationship with a fellow social-media personality who is better known as "humbie."
  • While in school, Mady earned a scholarship for a ‘Broadway’ dance. Her favorite dance forms are lyrical, jazz, and hip-hop. She enjoys photography and acting, too. Mady loves to eat macaroni and cheese, toast, lemonade, and chocolate milk. She hates spaghetti.
  • Mady is a true 'Disney' fan and is fond of 'Disney' french fries. She loves 'Disney' movies and 'Tangled' is her favorite. Mady also enjoys watching 'Netflix' shows. 'Riverdale' and 'Pretty Little Liars' are among her favorites. Her all-time favorite TV shows are 'High School Musical' and 'Dora the Explorer.'
  • Mady cannot tolerate overtly dramatic people. She hates when people joke about the things she loves.

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Last Updated : September 05, 2018
Mady Vivian

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