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(TikTok Star)

Birthday: July 25, 2002 (Leo)

Born In: Reno, Nevada

Lukas Daley is an American TikTok sensation and YouTube celebrity. Prior to making it big on social media, Lukas was a regular school-going chap who loved to skateboard, winning some local competitions. Upon realizing that he could use social media to make himself more popular in the skateboarding circuit, he joined Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. He began uploading videos of him and his friends performing tricks in his neighborhood. These videos soon became famous and were widely shared by friends and strangers alike. In no time, he had over 100,000 likes on TikTok for his unique content. Gradually, Lukas accumulated fans and followers across his social media accounts and soon became a minor celebrity in his own right. He has collaborated with other established TikTok influencers as well. As an influencer, he has attended many VidCon sessions and hosted Meet and Greets in Nevada. Currently, he is a high-school student and plans to pursue a career in professional skateboarding. He has received many sponsorships to boost his athletic career.
Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Males


father: Matthew Daley

siblings: Lilly Daley

U.S. State: Nevada

City: Reno, Nevada

Rise to Fame
Lukas Daley had something new to offer to viewers when he joined TikTok as legit.lukas. Unlike his peers, who were popular simply due to their lifestyles or lip syncs, Daley’s skateboarding skills got him noticed on the social media app. While he uploaded videos of himself delivering famous dialogs and comedy sketches, he also infused a sense of adventure in his content by bringing his skills into the play. Daley learned to play the skateboard as a young child and knew many tricks that set him apart from others. When he joined TikTok, he started populating his feed with videos of him skateboarding in his neighborhood along with his skater friends. In no time, he had many followers who loved his style and wanted to see more of it. He was also known to be an impulsive uploader, as he would think of pranks and stunts at the last minute and make a video out of it. TikTok, too, recognized his fame and categorized him under its ‘Talent’ section. He has collaborated with many fellow celebrities, and was recently seen in a duet with Mckenna Bates. Today, he has accumulated over 300,000 fans on the app. He was a part of VidCon in California and was seen hanging out with fellow TikTok star Brooke Sanchez.
Prior to finding fame on TikTok, Lukas was already making headlines for winning local skateboarding competitions in the pre-teen category. One of his biggest achievements was earning a skateboarding sponsorship with The Wheelhouse, which supports local skateboarding talent. With their help, he has been able to afford skateboarding gear and merchandise. He also teamed up with Woodward Tahoe, the Skateboard park in Nevada, to participate in the Men’s Open. Lukas went on the win the ‘Best Trick’ title for his techniques. At the Mammoth SK8 Competition, Lukas placed first and won the trophy. He often collaborates with his best friend Zenon Foster for skateboarding videos on TikTok, and they are often seen together participating in local competitions. He is also seen with other skateboarding talents, such as Matt Bartak and Ayden Fulmer.
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Daley joined Instagram in June 2013 and started posting photographs of his day to day life and friends. He is moderately popular on Instagram with around 41,000 followers. Daley also uses YouTube to popularize his skateboarding skills and to reach out to his fans. He created his self-titled channel in June 2013 but began posting videos only in mid-2016. His most popular videos include ‘SKATE V.S SCOOTER KID (fight)’, ‘GIVING A SHIRT TO A FAN!!!!
Daley is currently a high-school student and wants to focus on his skating career after graduating. In the meanwhile, he enjoys being a part of fun social media apps and connecting with new people.
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Family & Personal Life
Lukas Daley was born on July 25, 2002 in Reno, Nevada. He has a sister, Lilly Daley. He is extremely close to his father, Matthew Daley, who taught him to skate and continues to encourage him every day. The family lives in Reno, Nevada. Lukas is also frequently seen helping his father in his business. He is currently not in any relationship.

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