Lilly Webkinny Bio

(British TikTok Star)

Birthday: September 24, 2005 (Libra)

Born In: Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Lilly Webkinny is an English social media personality. She is best known for appearing in her Aunt Ellen Stafford's TikTok videos. The duo is popular on TikTok where they post dance, lip-sync, and funny videos. Ellen Stafford suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome which forces her to sleep for long hours, sometimes up to 20 hours a day. Ellen has claimed that TikTok helps her fight the syndrome and Lilly Webkinnt is often credited with helping her aunt stay active on the platform.

Early Life & Career

Lilly Webkinny was born Lilly Long on September 24, 2005, in Somerset, England. She began developing an interest in singing at a young age and often looked comfortable in front of the camera. When she was six years old, her Aunt Ellen Stafford posted a video of Lilly singing a song on her YouTube channel Webkinny. Although the video was posted when Lilly was six years old, it was actually recorded when she was just four years old. The video, which was posted on November 23, 2011, happened to be Ellen’s first video on YouTube.

Lilly Webkinny was then featured regularly on Ellen’s YouTube channel. Some of their videos, such as Lilly and Ellen - The Smoothie Challenge, Lilly and Ellen - Fizzy Drink Cocktail Challenge, and Blippo Kawaii Surprise Bag - What's Inside, went on to collect hundreds of views. Lilly and her aunt had their big breakthrough in 2020 when they decided to post videos on the popular video-sharing social networking service, TikTok. Ellen Stafford received love and support on the platform and she was seen as an inspiration to those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. She claimed that TikTok helped her fight the syndrome and people started thanking Lilly for supporting her aunt.

The aunt-niece duo became a social media sensation as their TikTok videos started going viral. Apart from posting interesting pictures on her Instagram page, Lilly also appears frequently on her aunt’s Instagram account, which has managed to accumulate more than 18k followers.

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Rise to Fame

Lilly Webkinny came into prominence when she started appearing alongside her Aunt Ellen Stafford on the latter’s TikTok videos. Lilly is credited with helping her aunt overcome her syndrome. She helps her aunt post dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok which in turn helps her stay busy and happy. Their TikTok account more than 500k which includes American actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo.


Lilly Webkinny is a fashion enthusiast and hopes to establish a career in fashion designing in the future. Apart from creating content on TikTok, she also enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends. She is close to her aunt and loves creating TikTok videos with her.

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