LaToya Forever Bio

(YouTube Personality, Author)

Birthday: February 7, 1987 (Aquarius)

Born In: Scarborough, Ontario

LaToya Forever belongs to the group of young and talented people who have made a career in online content creation and dissemination. She is a famous YouTuber who has a lot of fan following among young girls and women. Latoya Forever started her career at a young age. As her family used to roam across the country during their stay in the USA, she used to feel lonely. In order to engage herself, she started spending time on the internet by sharing her ideas and feelings. Instead of merely blogging through text, she started creating videos and posting on the popular video sharing site YouTube. Her earlier posts were more like daily diary posts. Very soon, her passion for sharing her feelings grew into a full-time career when she started a YouTube Channel called ‘LaToya Forever.’ The name of the channel would later become her nickname. Some of the first videos that she created were comedy skits and jokes with the intention of entertaining herself and her followers. Some of the videos also reflected the earlier stages of her life and her family. One of her popular video from the early years of her career called ‘Shit Caribbean Moms say’ talks about how Trinidadian mothers raise their children.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In February

Nick Name: LaToya Ali

Also Known As: LaToya Ali

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Adam Ali

father: Nigel Wilson

mother: Debbie Howard

Born Country: Canada

Height: 5'4" (163 cm), 5'4" Females

City: Scarborough, Canada

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
After the success of her first YouTube Channel, LaToya Forever started a Vlog called ‘LaToya’s Life’ when she was pregnant with her first child. This vlog was a kind of reality TV which chronicled the day to day events in her life. An app titled ‘LaToya Forever App’ followed the Vlog which made it easy for her fans to watch videos on mobile devices. Looking at her increasing popularity, a number of media organizations started to enlist for hosting some television shows and real-time events like award ceremonies. Some of the most popular events she hosted include Vibe TV’s American Music Awards and the ‘Afrocentric dance competition’ titled ‘The Movement’, sponsored by the Erindale Campus African Students Association. Partnerships with these kinds of media organizations enabled LaToya Forever to position herself as a media personality rather than an obscure YouTuber. LaToya Forever is a multifaceted talent who has also made it good in writing. She wrote a book titled ‘How to become a YouTube Sensation.’ The book was published on her website and made freely available to her fans. It is a guide to young and aspiring artistes who want to use YouTube as a channel to grow their popularity. The book was downloaded widely by her fans and followers. The success of her first book made her write her autobiography called, ‘LaToya's Life: Uncut Mishaps of a YouTube Star’ in 2016. The book details all the hurdles she had to overcome in her career. This second book cemented her place as a good author and boosted her brand image among her fans. In June 2016, LaToya Forever partnered with ‘Gone Viral TV’ to give a social media seminar on writing. The seminar was a success and enabled LaToya to get more media partnerships.
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What Makes LaToya So Special
One of the main reasons that make Latoya Forever special is her unique looks. As she was born to a mother from a Trinidadian ethnic background, she has got dusky and exotic looks. Her looks make it easy for her to standout in the crowd. The second reason which makes LaToya Forever special is her instantaneous wit and charisma. In the videos she uploads on YouTube and the live telecasts she often makes on her online channels, she responds to her fans instantly and in a witty manner. This made it easy for LaToya Forever to quickly connect with her fans.
Beyond Fame
There are no major controversies reported in popular media regarding LaToya Forever. She is also reported to maintain good relationships with her peers. LaToya Forever has a keen entrepreneurial mindset. Her website has an ecommerce section which sells personalized merchandise like T-Shirts, Necklaces, and the physical copies of her books.
Behind the Curtains
LaToya Forever was born in Canada. She was born in a good family with caring parents and had an excellent childhood. Her father was a professional basketball player who always encouraged his children to think about a career that goes beyond the regular academics. LaToya Forever’s family was very big as her parents had seven more children apart from her. Despite so much responsibility, her parents provided her with all the required facilities necessary to guarantee her professional growth. Her family had to frequently move all around over the USA due to the nature of her father’s profession. Hence, she could not develop any long-term friendships with anyone. She would often lament about this fact in her videos later on. LaToya Forever is married to Adam Ali and has two children: a daughter named Samia and a son named Zayn.

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