Kyran Nijjar Bio

(British TikToker)

Birthday: December 12, 1994 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Walsall, England

Age: 29 Years

Kyran Nijjar is a verified TikTok video star well-known for his unique blend of comedy and quirky content. With a following exceeding 6 million fans on his account, Kyran has made a mark in the world of social media for his entertaining and random videos. Starting his online journey at the age of 14 with YouTube, where he initially posted Call of Duty gameplay footage, Kyran transitioned to TikTok in 2018 under the handle kyrnij. Hailing from Walsall, West Midlands, England, Kyran was born on December 12, 2012 - a date that holds significance as it marks the last occurrence of a date where all three numbers are the same for the next 88 years. Despite his parents' separation during his early years, Kyran shares a close bond with his older brother and younger sister. Notably, he incorporated the Jason Derulo song "Colors" in one of his TikTok videos, showcasing roses changing colors, a creative touch that resonated with his audience.


Kyran Nijjar's rise to fame as a TikTok sensation is a testament to his creative prowess and ability to engage viewers with his offbeat and humorous content. His journey from casual YouTube uploads to becoming a prominent figure on TikTok demonstrates his evolution as a social media influencer. With a knack for producing engaging and entertaining videos, Kyran has captivated a wide audience, earning recognition for his distinct style and comedic timing. As he continues to expand his presence on social platforms, Kyran Nijjar remains a prominent figure in the online community.

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