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Kingani or Ani Tilki is a Turkish-American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and singer. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 6, 1996

Nationality: American, Turkish

Boyfriend: Alex Elmslie (Ex)

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Ani Tilki

Born Country: Turkey

Born in: Küçükköy, Balikesir, Turkey

Famous as: Comedy YouTuber

Height: 5'0" (152 cm), 5'0" Females

Popularity Index
Comedy YouTubers #88 Instagram Stars #301
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Kingani or Ani Tilki is a Turkish-American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and singer, who gained fame for her humorous reaction videos. Although she is fairly new to uploading content on YouTube, she has already made a name for herself. Considered to be one of the top millennial social media influencers of Turkish origin, she has an equally impressive presence on Twitter and Instagram. Some of the most popular videos on her channel are the ‘Instant Regret Playlist’ series, ‘Funny Steam Reviews’, ‘Funny Game Glitches’, and ‘Funny Amazon Reviews’. These videos showcase her funny commentary on memes and videos found on the internet. She also has her own Reddit page where fans often post memes, questions, and fun challenges. The friendly nature of her content accounts for her ever-increasing popularity. Added to that, featuring fan-arts, gifs of cats, and the soft color tones of her videos have endeared her to fans. The future looks bright for the social media star, as she has started to post music cover videos as well.

Rise to Stardom
  • Kingani’s journey on YouTube started almost as a joke. She has been a gamer and Twitch streamer for a few years. With over 30k followers, it can safely be said that her streaming career is quite successful. But it wasn’t until she started taking YouTube seriously that she started gaining traction in the online community. She started her YouTube channel ‘Kingani’ on January 17, 2016. She stated her reason for the decision was to gain a partnership with the app Discord. The app is important to gamers and provides online chat, file sharing, and other options. Her initial videos were vlogs and facecam videos. They are no longer available in her account.
  • She started taking YouTube seriously in 2018. With that in mind, Kingani posted a reaction video titled ‘Hotdogs in Places They Shouldn't Be’ on May 20, 2018. The video also featured her friends and other popular YouTubers like Bluesdank and Wildspartanz. Her funny commentary in the video on ridiculous Hotdog memes attracted around 900k views. She continued on her successful trajectory with more videos like ‘Rage Comics’ and ‘Wikihow Memes’. By this point, she had started enjoying creating content for YouTube. And clearly, her fan base responded positively.
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  • On June 16, 2018, Kingani posted the video ‘Instant Regret Playlist’. The video in a series of similar videos was a funny reaction video to meme playlists. It went viral and has since become the most popular video on her channel with more than 5 million views. She found similar success with all the videos of the ‘Instant Regret Playlist’ series which generated millions of views. She also gained thousands of subscribers on all social media platforms, especially YouTube. Additionally, she also earned her Discord partnership.
  • Within a year of the viral video, Kingani has gained around 600k subscribers. The major achievement is the result of her videos like ‘r/woooosh | Top Posts’, ‘r/softwaregore | Top Posts’, ‘r/deepfriedmemes | Top Posts’, and ‘Funny Yahoo Answers’. Most of her videos feature her friends Bluesdank and Wildspartanz. Some of them are also collaborations with popular YouTubers like Fpsdiesel and Pyrocinical. Perhaps one of her most impressive achievements has been that with only a handful of videos she has gained more than six million views on her channel. Even her secondary YouTube channel ‘Ani’ has been gaining subscribers. She uses the channel to post solo covers of popular songs. This came as a surprise to many of her fans who were drawn in by her soulful voice and impressive singing skills.
  • Kingani has also been regular on Twitter since October 2016. She tweets about funny memes, news on upcoming content, and general updates. With around 100k followers, it is clear that she has a very active fan base. Kingani also started posting on her Instagram account on October 9, 2017. It gave fans a chance to share her life. Since then, she has regularly posted selfies, images with her friends and family, and her lifestyle and fashion choices. These have helped her to gain more than 60k followers on the social media platform. Needless to say, she is among the top Turkish-American social media influencers in the world today.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Kingani was born Ani Tilki in Küçükköy, Balikesir, Turkey, on January 6, 1996. She has a brother. The names of her family members have not been revealed to the media. She moved to USA when she was young and now lives there. Growing up, she was very close to her grandmother. She was in a relationship with British YouTuber, Alex Elmslie or ImAllexx, but they broke up. She is single now and not dating anyone.

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