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Birthday: August 22, 2003 (Leo)

Born In: Florida

Kaelyn Pannier is an American YouTube star and social media influencer. She has accumulated nearly 190 thousand subscribers and 5.5 million views on her channel. A native of Florida, Pannier had been interested in fashion since she was a child. She created her channel in December 2013 and uploaded her first video in March 2015. Since then, she has emerged as one of the most promising beauty vloggers on YouTube. These days, she is not as active as she once used to be, but she still garners thousands of views per video. She is also active on other social media platforms and has about two thousand followers on Twitter and nearly five thousand followers on Instagram. Pannier has collaborated with fellow YouTube star and beauty guru Rachel Levin.
Quick Facts

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Females


siblings: Kendall

U.S. State: Florida

Rise to Fame
Kaelyn Pannier set up her YouTube channel in December 2013. However, she did not post any content in the beginning. In March 2015, she posted her first video. Titled ‘Spring Lookbook’, she talks about her favourite outfits from Spring in it. Soon after, she entered in a contest hosted by Rachel Levin, who goes by the username RCLBeauty101 on social media, and won. As a result, she got the chance to collaborate with Rachel. On April 4, 2015, Rachel posted her video of their collaboration, titled ‘PUBLIC Truth or DARE!’, in which she and Pannier played the truth or dare game. Pannier posted her video, titled ‘PRANK CALLS ft. RCLBeauty101!’, on her channel on the same day as well. This is incidentally the most popular video on her channel with 3.8 million views.
Pannier makes videos on a wide range of topics. She has created content on morning routines, DIY projects, room decor videos, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty to name a few. Her mother, younger sister, and quite a few of her friends have made appearances on her channel. Besides her collaboration with Rachel, there are many other popular videos on her channel. ‘20 emojis that need to exist!’, which was uploaded in April 2015, has nearly 250 thousand views. ‘What I got for Christmas 2015!!! I Kaelyn Pannier’, which was put up on her channel in January 2016, has nearly 112 thousand views. Posted in July 2017, ‘Shopping Challenge: Mom & Daughter I Kaelyn Pannier’ has about 111 thousand views.
In the recent months, she has not been as active on YouTube as she used to be. She still posts videos on her channel but the intermediate periods between the posts often stretch out to several weeks. She has addressed this issue and promised to be more consistent in the future.
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Personal Life
Kaelyn Pannier was born on August 22, 2003, in Florida, USA. She has a younger sister named Kendall. Both, her sister and their mother, have been featured on Pannier’s channel. She attends Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a member of their softball team.

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