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Birthday: June 4, 2005 (Gemini)

Born In: England

Kaci Conder is an English social media personality as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator who appears on her family's YouTube channel 'Dad V Girls' and her own channel 'Kaci-Jay'. While her personal channel is primarily focused on fashion and beauty, both the channels cover a varied range of contents including challenges, pranks, games, DIYs and vlogs. There are also travel videos covering their trips to tourist destinations in the United States and Spain. While she regularly makes appearances on the family channel, her channel often features her friends apart from her family members. She is also very popular on Instagram. She sometimes promotes various brands on her social media and has worked with Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, O2, Spotify and several fashion and lifestyle brands. She has launched her own merchandise, which include a line of makeup brush sets that come in pink and rose gold colors, and can be bought from the website kacijay.shop. She is signed to the talent agency MOXIE.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In June

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females


father: Joel

mother: Sarah Conder

siblings: Chloe, Grace, Sophie

Born Country: England

Rise to Stardom
Kaci Conder was only twelve years old when she gained popularity on their family YouTube channel 'Dad V Girls', on which she appeared alongside her sisters and parents. Her father Joel, a professional cameraperson, previously had a Vimeo channel, and filmed, edited and directed his own videos. He created the YouTube channel on November 9, 2017, even though the first video on the channel, titled 'Dad V Girls Jibber Jabber Challenge', was posted months later on March 13, 2018. Kaci, as the oldest child of her parents, appeared alongside her father and her sisters Grace and Sophie on the video, which has garnered over 290k views so far. They continued to post various challenge videos in the following months, and soon began posting other types of videos as well, including vlogs, games, pranks, make-up, food and more.
One of their early series, titled 'Hidden Camera Games', became immensely popular and several videos from the series still rank among the top most popular videos on the channel with millions of views. She created her own separate YouTube channel, 'Kaci-Jay', on July 1, 2018, and began posting videos on it by the end of the month. She mentioned that she was inspired by British YouTuber Saffron Barker to make her own channel. She primarily posts makeup, challenges, pranks and vlogging videos with her friends and family members. Her room tour video, uploaded on November 12, 2018, remained the most watched video on the channel until recently. She has also been active on Instagram since May 2018, even though her account is monitored by her parents. She currently has more than 843K subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 309K followers on Instagram.
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Family & Personal Life
Kaci Conder was born on June 4, 2005 in England, United Kingdom, to teenage parents Joel and Sarah Conder. Her parents later opened up about having their first child as teenagers in a Q&A video on their YouTube channel. Her mother said that while she does not think having a child so early was a good idea, it did work out for her. Her father mentioned that he could never regret having Kaci, which led to the creation of his "amazing family". Their family eventually welcomed three more girls: Grace was born on October 29, 2007, Sophie on January 31, 2012, and the youngest member of the family, Chloe, was born on January 13, 2018.
Answering fan questions, Kaci Conder once mentioned that she attends an all-girls school, which is why she didn't know enough boys to have a boyfriend, while adding that she was not ready for the responsibility either. She also stated that she doesn't think that most of her friends are there only because of her fame, mentioning that she has known most of them since she was about nine years old, long before their family channel was created. Also, while her peers are aware of her YouTube fame, not many at school ask her about her popularity on social media. She has revealed several times to her fans that she doesn't at all like going to school, and only enjoys PE and dance classes. Her father thinks that she is the chatterbox of the family, while she thinks that among her three sisters, Grace is the most annoying because they have a lot of altercations due to their small age gap. Kaci is also good at telling lies as she had once fooled her father by giving him her old phone in a new case.

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