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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: July 21, 1997 (Cancer)

Born In: New York, United States

John Scarce is an American YouTuber who gained fame for reporting news and drama involving other social media personalities on YouTube. Although starting off as commenting on gameplay, he found his niche when he started creating news videos on more famous YouTubers. Some of the most popular videos, earning him millions of views are ‘Marina Joyce Interview - What Really Happened to Marina Joyce’ and ‘SSSniperWolf Arrested! SkyDoesMinecraft In Hospital, Leafy Messages Leaked, Shooter Near YouTuber’. His videos are characterized by the catchphrase ‘Hey what's up guys, it's Scarce here and today we have a new video’. In addition to having an ongoing rivalry with infamous YouTube star Keemstar, he is on good terms with others like ComedyShortsGamer. Scarce has sometimes been criticized for his controversial content, but he remains the number one news channel on YouTube and that has earned him millions of followers. He is also going to be involved in a boxing match in the ‘KSI vs. Logan Paul’ undercard.
Quick Facts

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

U.S. State: New Yorkers

Gaming Career
While still a teenager, John Scarce started playing ‘Call of Duty’ and gained popularity for being a prolific trickshot artist. He launched his YouTube channel ‘GoScarce’ on January 25, 2012, and started posting gameplay videos like ‘MW2 Commentary: 2 Sick Clips! (AMAZING)’ and ‘Minecraft LIVE: Episode 1 - Vepu can Minecraft Trickshot’. His efforts were rewarded as he soon found himself being a part of the ‘Call of Duty’ team ‘Strictly Business’. He also became part of other gaming clans like ‘AE7’ and ‘Obey’.
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His growing popularity prompted him to become more creative and he started creating news videos. One of the first news stories that really blew up was on the fight between notorious YouTuber Keemstar and the ‘Call of Duty’ ‘FaZe’ clan. This would start the rivalry between the two YouTubers as Keemstar’s own channel was also drama-centric. In 2015, he officially became part of the ‘FaZe’ clan. This was only the beginning as he became the leader of the biggest COD clan ‘Red’ along with his ‘FaZe’ teammates.
However, his controversial news stories started getting him in trouble with not only his clan members but Keemstar as well. All the negative press meant that he had to leave the groups and started to put all his work towards creating news content.
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YouTube Fame & Drama
John Scarce became one of the most subscribed channels in a day on January 8, 2016, after posting the video ‘Keemstar's DramaAlert makes a 62 year old man cry’. In the video, he rightfully defended 62 years old Twitch streamer Gloryandgoldrs who was falsely accused by Keemstar to be a pedophile and was being harassed by Keemstar’s followers. Thanks to his video with over 2.6 million views, both Gloryandgoldrs and Scarce received overwhelming support from the Twitch and YouTube communities. There was no stopping the young YouTuber after this as his channel’s popularity soared and he started inching towards the 1 million subscriber mark.
Some of the most viewed videos on his channel around this time were ‘FouseyTube vs RiceGum Fight Caught on Video! YouTuber's Secret Identity Revealed’ and ‘YouTuber Sees Murder While Streaming, PewDiePie Calls Out Comments, TmarTn's Back, Joey Salads’. In spite of having more than 2 million viewers and being one of the major YouTubers, in 2017, he stopped creating videos for a few months. In a later video, he explained that his Twitter was hacked and he was under mental stress.
In addition to that, like many others, he was hit hard by the ‘YouTube adpocalypse’ in which YouTube started demonetizing videos which did not adhere to their newly formed community guidelines. He returned later in the year and his recent videos, like ‘Logan Paul WANTED by JAPAN! Delete Logan's Channel? Jake Paul Does Stupid Stuff’ and ‘Drake Says He Doesn't Know Who FouseyTube Is...’ have been viewed millions of times each. He is also venturing into new grounds in 2018 with amateur boxing. In the video ‘I'm Fighting in KSI vs Logan Paul!’ he revealed that he is actually scheduled to face YouTuber RackaRacka. With a subscriber base of 2.9 million, things are only looking bright for John Scarce. He also owns two other YouTube channels ‘Scarce 2’ and ‘Scarce News’.
Although he has avoided controversies, he was criticized severely in 2016, for doing double uploads forcing him to stop. His hiatus from YouTube in 2017, led to the rumor he had died as he was also absent from Facebook and Twitter. He squashed the rumors when he returned in July 2017.
Personal Life
John Scarce was born in New York State, on July 21, 1997. Not much is known about his parents or his sister as he prefers keeping his personal life private. His father passed away on July 4, 2018. He is single and used to own a pet cat.

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