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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: September 21, 2005 (Virgo)

Born In: Pennsylvania, United States

Jillian Babyteeth4 is part of the YouTube channel Babyteeth4 which hosts the most-viewed candy review show in the world, ‘Kid Candy Review’. She hosts the show with her younger sister Addie. Along with her sister, she is a star social media personality having a strong presence on YouTube and other social media platforms. They even have their own website and they are not even teenagers. Jillian is 11 years old while her sister Addie is just 8. On their YouTube channel, they post a great deal of candy review videos, in which the girls sample and evaluate different kinds of candy based on flavor and ‘fun factor’. The channel also has their DIY candy projects and toy unboxing videos. They have also starred in several feature films scripted, filmed and produced entirely by their dad, Bob. Jillian even has her own spin-off animated series, ‘Overly Sensitive Zombie Girl’.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: Jillian McLaughlin, Jillian Babyteeth4

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females


father: Bob McLaughlin

mother: Tommie McLaughlin

siblings: Adelaide McLaughlin

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
It all started even before Jillian learned to walk. On her first birthday, her father Bob posted a video on YouTube inviting people to the birthday party. Her father soon started to produce comedic retelling of fairly tale stories on their channel featuring Jillian. ‘Jillian and the Beanstalk’ is one such classic first uploaded in 2010. From there, Bob took the channel to the next level by making original scripted videos that he posted on their YouTube channel. ‘Fast Cars, Bad Kids’ (2010) was one of the first videos that was made specifically for their YouTube channel. In it, the kids take the car keys and head out for a high-speed joyride. The video has been one of the most popular uploads on the channel, and has over 170 million views so far. It was soon followed by ‘Too Many Addies’, in which Jillian creates a machine that duplicates things, and it accidentally replicates Addie several times over when she attempts to play with it. In ‘Scallywags’, the kids parody the dialogues of Western films and ride one of the family's cats, Paco. ‘Kids in Space’, which is Jillian's favorite, has their pet guinea pig Licorice portraying a space alien. These original videos and skits increased the popularity of Jillian and her sister and brought over 1.2 million subscribers to their channel.
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What Makes Jillian So Special
Jillian herself is often involved in the process of making the videos. According to Bob, being involved in the process of making those videos make the kids much more realistic towards how movies are made. Jillian can easily recognize special effects in fantasy movies and instead of being a passive viewer, she can actively participate in making movies. She is not only more tech savvy than her peers, she is also much more interested in different forms of art. In spite of the fact that Jillian's YouTube channel primarily contains candy reviews for children, most of the content are designed to appeal to people of all ages. Many of the videos feature Jillian and her sister in a series of wildly imaginative adventures, along with everyday activities such as sled riding and going to the mall. The videos in their YouTube channel contain extensive use of special effects. The short films on their YouTube channel are not for fun only; they also have emotional depth to them. ‘Fast Cars, Bad Kids’ incorporates a dramatic moment when the car plunges over a cliff and the two sisters hold hands. In ‘Too Many Addies’, while trying to get rid of her sister's clones, Jillian realizes how lonely she would be without her sister. Because their father Bob is a long time movie fan, he often makes the videos more interesting by referencing classic movies and retelling scenes from those movies.
Beyond Fame
The family has plans to go further with their short film productions. They are considering a sequel to ‘Fast Cars, Bad Kids’ and a musical. In 2016, Jillian and her sister got a new YouTube channel, ‘Babyteeth More’, which is more of a behind-the-scene vlogging channel for their main YouTube channel. The videos are unscripted and they even claim that the videos are taken when their father is not in the room.
Behind The Curtains
Born on September 21, 2005, Jillian McLaughlin is the oldest child of Bob and Tommie McLaughlin. She has a younger sister, Adelaide McLaughlin, who is better known as Addie. They live in Braddock, Pennsylvania. While her father does most of the work for their videos, her mother also took part in many of them mainly through voice acting. She also helps Jillian and her sister with their acting skills. The family has many pets and they also appear on their videos from time to time.

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