Jackie Stallone Biography

Jackie Stallone

Birthday: November 29, 1921 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Washington, D.C., United States

Jacqueline Stallone is an American astrologer, psychic, former dancer, circus artist as well as promoter of women’s wrestling. She is also mother of renowned actor Sylvester Stallone. Born and raised in an affluent family of Washington DC, she left home at the age of 15 to join circus as a trapeze artist. She was the first woman with a daily TV show on exercise and weight lifting in Washington, D.C. She also dabbled in other careers - working as chorus girl in nightclubs and as a hairdresser. She opened a women-only gym and promoted women’s wrestling. Stallone studied astrology for 15 years, and wrote books on the subject. She was also involved in developing cosmetics and skincare products. Her exercise videos, ‘Silver Foxes,’ in collaboration with Richard Simmons, became very popular. She appeared on a number of live TV and radio talk shows in the US and several other countries. Important personalities, including politicians, crowned heads, and celebrities seek her astrological advice. Married three times, she is the mother of three children and grandmother of seven grandchildren.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Jacqueline Frances Stallone, Jacqueline Frances Labofish

Died At Age: 98


Spouse/Ex-: Stephen Marcus Levine, Frank Stallone Sr. (m. 1945–1957)

father: John Paul Labofish (15 January 1891 – 11 September 1956)

mother: Jeanne Victoria Anne, Jeanne Victoria Anne "Adrienne" Clerec (1896–1974)

children: Frank Stallone, Sylvester Stallone, Toni D'Alto

Born Country: United States

Dancers Film & Theater Personalities

Died on: September 21, 2020

place of death: Los Angeles, California, United States

Ancestry: French American

Childhood & Early Life
Jackie Stallone was born Jacqueline Frances Labofish on November 29, 1921, in Washington DC, to a prominent attorney John Paul Labofish and his wife, Jeanne Victoria Anne ‘Adrienne’ Clerec. She had a younger sister, Madeline. Her father belonged to a Ukrainian Jewish family from Pennsylvania, whereas her mother was French.
Stallone and her family received gymnastics and weight lifting training from the well-known body builder Charles Atlas, who lived with them.
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At the age of 15, Stallone ran away from home and joined ‘Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus,’ which was billed as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’ She performed as an aerialist on rings and bars.
While in Washington DC, Stallone hosted a daily exercise and weight lifting show; she was the first woman to hold such a TV show in Washington DC. She also launched a women-only gym, ‘Barbella’s.’ She promoted women’s wrestling through the TV show ‘G.L.O.W. – Gorgeous Girls of Wrestling.’ This show was aired from Las Vegas during the 80s and it continued for four years. Stallone appeared along with Americana, Mt. Fiji, and Susie Spirit, where she was seen rapping about ‘Aunt Kittie’s girls.’
Stallone has remained involved in several occupations, including hair dressing, and chorus acts at nightclubs. She has also done work in cosmetics and created facial masks and skincare products as well. In collaboration with Richard Simmons, she produced exercise videos for seniors, ‘Silver Foxes,’ which sold over 10 million copies and won 3 platinum awards.
She completed her school education at the age of 40, and then earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Stallone studied astrology for 15 years under the guidance of Dr. Mark Edmund Jones, Dane Rudyard, Manley Hail, and Wilma Beard.
In the mid-1990s, Stallone gained recognition as writer of astrology books, ‘Starpower I & II.’ She also set up a hotline / telephone line to offer psychic advice. According to her, she can communicate with her psychic dogs, and take their help in making predictions. She also practiced a form of pseudoscience, which she called ‘Rumpology.’ According to her, it is similar to ‘palm reading,’ but here predictions are made by reading photographs of a person’s rear end.
Stallone and her first husband, Frank Stallone Sr., appeared on the radio talk-show ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on May 21, 1992, and had a heated argument on-air.
In 2005, Stallone was introduced as a surprise contestant on the UK popular reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ Her former daughter-in-law, Brigitte Nielsen, with whom Stallone did not get along well, was already in the show; Stallone was obviously brought-in to create drama on the show. She was voted out by the viewers in only 4 days.
On May 7, 2011, Stallone released her video series ‘Astrology and the Presidents.’ She talks about her professional astrological work for former US presidents. She has appeared in numerous television and radio talk shows, including ‘Oprah Winfrey Show,’ ‘Regis and Kathy Lee,’ ‘Larry King Live,’ ‘Howard Stern Show,’ ‘David Letterman Show.’
Stallone has appeared on BBC, French National TV, Canadian National Broadcasting, David Frost’s ‘Through the Keyhole,’ ‘The Morning Show,’ Australia, among many others.
She has offered astrological to top politicians, sovereigns, and other celebrities.
Family & Personal Life
Stallone married Italian-American Frank Stallone Sr. in August 1945. The couple has two sons – actor Sylvester Stallone and singer-songwriter Frank Stallone Jr. They divorced in 1957.
She married Anthony Filiti in 1959, and had a daughter, Tonian or Toni D’Alto, but the couple separated after few years of marriage.
On November 13, 1998, Stallone married Dr. Stephen Marcus Levine.
Stallone has 7 grandchildren. Her eldest grandson, Sage Stallone (Sylvester Stallone’s son), died tragically in 2012. That same year, on August 26, he daughter Toni Ann D’Alto, too died of cancer.
Stallone has reportedly undergone several corrective cosmetic surgeries, which have resulted in some sort of distorted appearance. She herself has admitted to looking like a chipmunk after the surgeries.

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