Jack Schlossberg Biography

(American Lawyer and Only Grandson of 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy)

Birthday: January 19, 1993 (Capricorn)

Born In: New York, New York City, United States

Jack Schlossberg is an upcoming American politician, best known as the only grandson of former president of the United States John F. Kennedy. He is the son of Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s daughter. Following his high-school graduation, Jack joined Yale University and pursued a degree in Japanese history. His mother worked as an American ambassador in Japan, and following his college graduation in 2015, he went to Tokyo to live with his mother. There, he made several public appearances and came under the spotlight. He has also appeared on TV shows and documentaries based on his family’s political history. He has also been a political writer for magazines such as Politico and has himself expressed a keen interest in joining politics. He is currently pursuing a dual degree (MBA and JD) from Harvard University. He wishes to join the Democratic Party and has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S.A. He was in the news recently for launching the COVID Courage Award.

Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Krissy Jones

Also Known As: John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg

Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Males


father: Edwin Schlossberg

mother: Caroline Kennedy

siblings: Rose Schlossberg, Tatiana Schlossberg

Born Country: United States

Lawyers Family Members

Ancestry: Ukrainian American, British American, Irish American, French American

U.S. State: New Yorkers

More Facts

education: Harvard University, Yale University

Childhood & Early Life

Jack Schlossberg was born John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, on January 19, 1993, in New York City, U.S., to Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. His mother, being the daughter of former American president John F. Kennedy, was an influential woman in American politics. However, instead of marrying into a political family, she married a designer and artist named Edwin Schlossberg. Jack was the youngest child and the only son of his parents. He grew up with two older sisters, Rose and Tatiana.

Jack Schlossberg was named after his great grandfather from his mother’s side, John Bouvier. Jack’s mother happens to be a Catholic woman, while his father is a Ukrainian Jewish man. Growing up, Jack adapted to Catholicism. However, he also recognizes his Jewish heritage and participates in Jewish festivals and traditions.

He has been a center of attention ever since he was born, owing to the fact that he happens to be the only male heir of John F. Kennedy, after his son passed away in 1999. Jack was raised in an upper-middle-class environment and pursued his early education from local New York schools.

He also exhibited his philanthropic nature early in his life, when in eighth grade, he laid the foundation of a non-profit organization named ReLight New York. He was still a teenager when, via his NGO, he distributed free light bulbs and installed them in the poor houses around New York City.

Jack Schlossberg pursued his later studies from The Collegiate School, located in Manhattan. Ranked as one of the best private schools in the United States, it also happens to be arguably the oldest school in the country. In the all-boys school, along with pursuing his education, Jack also prepared himself for the “Ivy League” colleges. He was quite popular in school even in his initial days and was pushed to deliver a commencement speech, which he did with great finesse.

Following his high-school graduation, Jack Schlossberg joined Yale University. His mother had been working as the American ambassador to Japan back then, and Jack thus gained an interest in Japanese history. In 2015, he graduated from Yale University with a BA degree in Japanese history.

His mother lived in Japan as the ambassador, and he continued to live with her for a while. He describes his experience of staying in Japan as profound. He once also mentioned that while living in Japan, he learned a lot about the country and about his own country. By the time he was in his early 20s, he had shown his interest in joining politics. He claims his visit to Japan had a significant impact on his psyche.

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Early Career Achievements

Jack Schlossberg had become somewhat politically active while in college and often wrote articles on politics and other issues in the Yale University publications Yale Daily News and Yale Herald. In his articles, he often exhibited a liberal leaning, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, John F. Kennedy, who was a Democratic Party leader.

Along with studying Japanese history in college, Jack also received emergency medical technician (also known as EMT) training. Following his move to Tokyo, Japan, with his mother, he had bagged an entry-level job in the popular Japanese e-commerce and retail Company Rakuten Inc. He had earned the job after meeting the company’s CEO while his mother was on a diplomatic mission in Sendai.

The following year, he began working in another Japanese company, named Suntory Holdings Ltd. It was a major Japanese brewing, distilling, and beverage company. In 2016, he also worked briefly with the American embassy in Japan, for the U.S. Department of State, which handles foreign relations and international affairs.

In order to strengthen his academic career, Jack Schlossberg joined the Harvard Law School and began pursuing a dual degree in business and law. Simultaneously, he began his political public appearances in an attempt to build his career as a young politician.

Public Appearances and Early Political Career

In 2013, at the age of 20, Jack Schlossberg was seen at the Medal of Freedom Award dinner, which was organized on the occasion of the 50th death anniversary of his grandfather. At the ceremony, he introduced President Barack Obama.

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation gives out the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards to youngsters who are committed to public service, in an attempt to serve the nation. Jack has been giving out this award since his Yale University years.

During the award ceremony that took place in 2017, Jack spoke about the climate change crisis and also spoke about his experiences at the Harvard Law School. The award ceremony took place at the Institute of Politics of the university. In an interview after the ceremony, he stated that he did not know what he wanted to do with his law degree that he was pursuing, clearly hinting at an entry into politics.

In May 2017, he gave an interview to NBC, stating that he was proud of his family’s legacy and that he wanted to be associated with his family’s efforts in public service. However, he also mentioned that he was trying to devise his own way.

He is not new to the limelight and had made several TV appearances before. In 2015, he appeared in a segment of the investigative news show 60 Minutes, titled Ambassador Kennedy, which was mostly based on his mother. The same year, he made an appearance as himself in an episode of the show State of the Union with Jake Tapper, titled Exploring Kennedy’s Legacy.

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Since 2017, he has appeared in three episodes of the TV show Today. In 2019, he appeared on the show CBS News Sunday Morning.

He also tried his hand at acting and appeared as Officer Jack Hammer in a 2018 episode of the series Blue Blood, titled My Aim Is True.

He accompanied his mother to several state meetings in Japan while she was working as the U.S. ambassador. He also went to an event at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant with his mother. The event was heavily covered by the Japanese and American media. During the event, he said that the U.S. must come ahead to help Fukushima.

He was also present at the air station when U.S. secretary of state John Kerry visited Japan in 2016.

During the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, Jack and his mother started the COVID Courage Award for American people working on the frontline to contain the virus.

Jack also writes political articles for magazines such as Politico, Time, and The Washington Post.

In his articles, he has often lent his support to Hillary Clinton.

Personal Life

Jack Schlossberg is known for his “classy” dress sense. He has often been featured on several “best dressed lists.”

His older sister, Tatiana, works as a journalist for The New York Times.

He dated a yoga teacher named Krissy Jones for many years before they split up in 2019. She had accused him of cheating on her.

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