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Jack Dauth is an Australian scooter rider. Let’s take a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Jack Dauth
Quick Facts

Birthday: November 22, 1998

Nationality: Australian

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Born in: Sydney

Famous as: Scooter Rider

City: Sydney, Australia

Popularity Index
YouTubers #643
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Jack Dauth is an Australian scooter rider. He has earned an impressive social-media fan following, owing to his amazing scootering videos. His self-titled 'YouTube' channel offers tutorials on scooter-riding tricks and lets Jack showcase his skills in the craft. He is currently associated with the scooter merchandise company ‘UrbanArtt.’ He has been scootering since school. Jack has now earned a well-deserved spot in the scootering scene. This 'YouTube' scooter star was arrested in Brisbane after being held responsible for a street jam. His loyal fan club protested against the arrest and successfully got their star free. Jack has future plans to make the sport popular worldwide.

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Jack Dauth
Scootering & YouTube
  • Jack had received a skateboard as a gift on his fourth birthday. Back then, he was inclined toward skateboarding. For the next few years, Jack learned every skill of the sport and finally became a professional. With the hope of promoting the sport, Jack ventured into vlogging. He created a self-titled 'YouTube' channel and began posting videos related to skateboarding. He had initially also posted a couple of DIY projects related to the sport.
  • After a while, Jack quit skateboarding. He announced his decision through a vlog and revealed about his newfound passion, scootering. Jack began his scootering journey from scratch. His main motive was to popularize the sport across Australia and the world. Jack posted numerous videos on his scootering tricks and shared tips required to master the sport. He soon built an empire of scootering fans, which contributed to the count of the subscribers on his channel. With more than 400 thousand subscribers, Jack has emerged as one of the best street riders in the world.
  • Jack’s immense talent and spectacular scooter-riding skills caught the attention of many sports companies. Jack was announced as the first Australian rider by the ‘UrbanArtt’ team. ‘UrbanArtt’ is a venture that offers customized scooters and related merchandise to riders. Jack receives sponsorship from the team. To announce this achievement, Jack released a video showcasing his phenomenal talent that proved his worth. Jack now boasts of multiple sponsorships from brands such as 'Scooter Hut,' 'Sacrifice Scooters,' and 'O Wheels,' owing to his efforts of bringing the sport to the international platform.
  • Jack was placed at the top spot in the 'Varsity Street Jam' of the ‘Pro Scooter Series.’ In 2013, he won the ‘Australian Scooter Association Competition’ held at ‘Newtons Nation’.
  • Jack became an entrepreneur when he established ‘Seven Goods Company,’ an organization that offers apparel for scooter riders.
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  • In October 2017, Jack was arrested in Brisbane for creating street jam with fellow scooter riders. Jack had previously posted an open invitation on his ‘Instagram’ profile to achieve maximum participation at his event, 'Brisbane Street Jam.’ On the day of the event, a swarm of scooter riders rode straight from the ‘Fortitude Valley’ via ‘CBD’ to the ‘Kangaroo Point.’ After a while, the event went out of control. The police had to intervene to ensure the safety of other people on the road. Jack, along with several fellow scooter riders, was arrested.
  • The situation worsened after Jack’s huge fan base, hearing the news of his arrest, hit the streets, chanting “Free Jack.” Soon, the police were forced to release Jack.
Personal Life
  • Jack Dauth was born on November 22, 1998, in Australia. He currently lives in Sydney.
  • Jack dropped out of high school to continue with his scootering career. At the age of 16, Jack decided to quit academics to focus more on his craft. When he informed his principal about his decision, he snapped at Jack. Jack was asked to reconsider his options and was even offered a vocational course. However, Jack was determined toward his goals. He dropped out soon and turned scootering into his full-time job.
  • Jack has had other jobs, too, in the past. He once worked at 'KFC' and later at a local coffee shop. His worst work experience was at ‘Ben & Jerry’s,’ while his best work experience was with ‘Toys "R" Us.’
  • When Jack was about 10 years old, he was hospitalized after suffering a panic attack. It was soon found that Jack had asthma. He has been depending on diffusers since the attack.
  • Apart from skateboarding and scootering, Jack has also been interested in rugby, football, tennis, and baseball. While in high school, he was offered to join the school’s football team, but he declined the offer.
  • His favorite drinks are vanilla milkshake and orange juice. Jack loves the canned beverage ‘Red Bull.’ He is against smoking
  • Jack’s favorite scootering trick is the ‘lipslide on the wall.’ He also loves ‘360 flips’ but is not proficient in the trick yet.

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Last Updated : May 02, 2018

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