J'aaliyah So Cool Bio

(Youtube Star)

Birthday: June 6, 2007 (Gemini)

Born In: United States

J'aaliyah, also known as J'aaliyah So Cool, is the daughter of the internet personality Royalty Johnson and the stepdaughter of famous YouTube star CJ So Cool. She is known for appearing on the YouTube channel of CJ So Cool along with Leonidas, Karnation, Cordayah, Camari, and Cordero Jr. They are together called So Cool Kids. The So Cool Kids are present on Instagram under the name socoolfam1 and have over 626k followers on their account. They also had a collaborative YouTube channel So Cool Kids. However, the channel is now managed by Royalty and has been renamed to Life With Royalty.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Jaaliyah So Cool

Age: 16 Years, 16 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame

J'aaliyah So Cool is a part of the So Cool Kids squad which comprises her siblings. She has appeared in many challenge videos, vlogs, pranks, and haul videos published on the YouTube channel CJ So Cool. She has also featured on her mother’s channel, Life With Royalty. The channel earlier belonged to the So Cool Kids, but due to YouTube’s child privacy policy, it is now managed by Royalty.

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J'aaliyah So Cool also appears on the collaborative Instagram account of So Cool Kids. She has grown fairly popular on the platform and is slowly moving towards becoming an eminent social media star.

While she does not have her own YouTube channel, J'aaliyah So Cool does have a fan channel, Jaaliyah So Cool. The channel mostly posts edited clips and snippets from CJ So Cool’s videos and entertains over 15k subscribers.

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Personal Life

J'aaliyah So Cool was born on June 6, 2007, in the United States. She has a sister named Karnation and a brother named Leonidas. She also has three step-siblings: Cordayah, Cordero Jr, and Camari. J'aaliyah So Cool is the oldest of all her siblings. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

J'aaliyah So Cool is one of the rising social media icons. However, what’s interesting is the fact that she does not have any personal channel. She features on her parents’ YouTube channel. Despite that fact, she has amassed a considerable following to her name. In a video, CJ So Cool shared that J'aaliyah So Cool has trouble enjoying regular school due to her growing fame as she attracts a lot of attention from fellow kids.

J'aaliyah has 2 dogs named Bruno and Rhino.

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