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(Ukrainian Video Gamer)

Birthday: December 24, 1995 (Capricorn)

Born In: Ukraine

Ilya Ilyuk, also known as “Lil,” is a professional gamer from Ukraine. Ilya has gained popularity for playing the multiplayer online battle arena video game 'Dota 2.' He began his 'Dota 2' gaming career with the team 'NVMI' (Nam vezet - mi igraem), which he created along with his fellow gamers. However, he shot to fame after playing with the team ‘' He won 'The Summit 2016' premier tournament with the team. Ilya has played for several 'Dota 2' teams such as 'ASUS.Polar,' 'Polarity,' 'Team Ukraine Dota2,' 'Odium,' and 'Peach Bay.' Ilya has played 'Warcraft' games, too.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Lil

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Ilya began his gaming career in September 2014. Initiallty, he focused completely on 'Dota 2' games. His first team was 'NVMI,' an acronym for “Nam vezet - mi igraem,” which means “we're lucky - we're playing.” The team was created in August 2014 by 'Dota' gamers DkPhobos, Goblak, Illidan, and Ilya. The motive of the team was to recruit young and amateur players. The team defeated 'Natus Vincere' in the final round and secured the first place in the 'Game Show League Season 1.' This was ‘NVMI’s’ first success. In September that year, 'NVMI' signed a deal with ',' a well-established Russian e-sports organization. Ilya’s team under ' Polar' was known as 'ASUS.Polar.' On April 15, 2015, 'ASUS.Polar' won the ‘DreamLeague Season 3' and the 'Esportal Dota 2 League.' Later, Ilya’s team secured the 5-6th place in 'The International 2015,' the year's biggest tournament. At the end of the year, Ilya became the vice champion in 'The Summit 4.' He was the vice champion in the 'Dota Pit League Season 2' and the 'StarLadder StarSeries Season 11,' too. During the first year of his career, Ilya won more than $300,000.
In March 2016, Ilya left his team to join 'Polarity.' Unfortunately, his team failed to qualify for 'The International 2016.' Following this failure, the team disbanded. In August that year, Ilya joined the updated version of the '' line-up. Within a month, the team qualified for all high-level tournaments. It won the 'BTS Europe #4' and 'The Summit 6.' Under the roster of the 'VP.G2A,' Ilya secured the 5-8th place in 'The Boston Major 2016.' In November, Ilya joined ‘Ukraine Dota2.' He is still a member of the team.
In January 2018, Ilya left '' and subsequently joined 'Natus Vincere.' He left the team in September 2018, and joined 'Odium.' Ilya created the team that was supposed to compete in the 'The Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19' season. The team disbanded on October 3, 2018. Ilya then joined the team 'Peach Bay' as a support.
Ilya has gained popularity for his gaming tricks. He is known for frequently dropping his items and for his perfectly timed purchases of odd items in the game. Ilya is also popular on 'Twitter,' where he often posts audacious statements about his team's competitors.
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Personal Life
Ilya Ilyuk was born on December 24, 1995, in Ukraine. Ilya has also lived in Moscow, Russia. He lives with his girlfriend in his new apartment in Kiev, the capital and the largest city of Ukraine.
Ilya loves watching movies but only attends the matinee shows.

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