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(American TikTok Star Who Raises Awareness on 'Alopecia')

Birthday: January 11, 2002 (Capricorn)

Born In: Georgia, United States

Hayden Montross is an American 'TikTok' star who rose to fame after she published a video listing the advantages of dating a girl with alopecia. The Georgia native has alopecia and hence has no hair on her body. Hayden has used the medical condition to break the stereotypes related to beauty. She makes jokes out of her condition, which encourages other people like her to embrace self-love. On 'TikTok,' Hayden creates videos of her life as a bald teenager which have helped her garner impressive number of followers. She is often mistaken as a cancer survivor, of which Hayden openly admits to taking advantage. Hayden has emerged as a teenage icon of self-love, breaking the conventional beauty standards.
Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Georgia

Rise to Fame
Hayden’s meteoric rise to fame happened due to a medical condition that can shatter the confidence of many. She has been dealing with alopecia since early childhood and has faced weird and shallow questions about her appearance; this made her break the stereotype. Hayden decided to come in front of the camera and that is how her social media journey began.
Hayden caught the attention of viewers when she started making videos on the video-sharing platform 'TikTok.' Hayden used her alopecia as the subject of many of her videos. One of them was where she listed a number of advantages of dating a girl with alopecia, while dancing to the tunes of 'Baguettes in the Face' by Mustard. The video went viral and attracted huge views. In the video, Hayden says that her boyfriend does not have to wait for long as she gets ready in a snap, and while saying that, she mimes brushing hair that isn't there. She adds that she does not have to bother about waxing and shaving routines. Also, cuddling with boyfriend is hassle-free as there is no hair getting in her boyfriend's face.
Hayden also pointed a few disadvantages, too, of having alopecia - one of them is the confusion regarding the blending of foundation. She has also shared her 'big wig collection' through the platform.
Hayden has around 148.9 thousand fans and 2.5 million heart emojis on 'TikTok.' She has an 'Instagram' account, too, where pictures display her impeccable sense of fashion. In one of the 'Instagram' pictures, Hayden is flaunting her prom dress posing with her prom partner. Hayden is active on ''twitter'' as well.
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Family & Personal Life
Hayden is quite secretive about her personal life. She grew up in Georgia; her date of birth is not known. She is currently a high school student.
Her dating life, too, is under the wraps. However, her social media fans show that she has many friends with whom she loves to travel.
Hayden started losing her hair at a tender age. By 5, she had severe alopecia, and now she has no hair on her body. Growing up, Hayden had faced questions like if she had cancer and was under chemotherapy. She has mentioned that among many of the perks of having alopecia is the free food and freebies that people often offered her thinking she was dying of cancer. Hayden has also come across people who sympathize with her condition.
Some people even question her gender and ask if she is a boy or a girl. Many want to touch her head to know if she is wearing a bald head cap.

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