Gangsta Grandma Bio

(TikTok Star)

Birthday: June 17, 1929 (Gemini)

Born In: Boston, Massachusetts

Gangsta Grandma is an American internet sensation. She is known for her extremely hilarious (now known as TikTok) videos. The term “young at heart” holds true for Grandma, as she boldly flaunts quirky outfits and outlandish accessories in her videos. She has gained popularity for her lip-sync performances on hit hip-hop and pop songs. She has also taken up scores of 'TikTok' challenges, which have boosted her social-media fame. Grandma is a retired librarian and has now become a 'TikTok' sensation with millions of fans. She has six children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. All her social-media accounts are managed by her grandchildren.
Quick Facts

Age: 94 Years, 94 Year Old Females

City: Boston

U.S. State: Massachusetts

Social Media Fame
Gangsta Grandma worked as a librarian before she ventured into the social media arena. Although hers was not the usual social-media profile, Grandma still managed to earn a massive fan base on the platform. She chose the application ',' which is now known as 'TikTok,' to begin her journey on social media.
She created a 'TikTok' account with the help of her grandchildren and began posting hilarious lip-sync videos. Soon, she began adding a variety of content. She started using props in her videos. Grandma became popular for wearing a variety of costumes and accessories in her 'TikTok' videos, including massive glasses and gold shutter shades, with a gold mustache attached. She is also known for taking up ‘TikTok’ challenges such as the '#JuJuOnThatBeat Dance Challenge' and the '#KitKatChallenge.' She has performed lip-syncs to many hit tracks such as ad songs of Chance the Rapper. Former DJ and reality star La La Anthony has reposted a few of Grandma’s videos on her 'Instagram' account. She has earned more than two million fans on 'TikTok.'
Grandma is also popular on 'Instagram,' where her pictures in weird and quirky costumes have earned her a significant fan base. Her ‘Instagram' page now has a little more than 15 thousand followers. Grandma’s hilarious content has been the subject of several comic memes. Many of them are available on her 'Facebook' page. Grandma has a 'YouTube' channel that has only one introductory video.
Grandma’s remarkable presence on new-age social media has earned her a ‘Shorty Award’ nomination for the ‘Muser of the Year.’
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Personal Life
Gangsta Grandma was born on July 17, 1929, in Boston, Massachusetts, US. She has six children, 16 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren help Grandma manage her social-media accounts. They also help her to create 'TikTok' videos.

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